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Organic Container Gardening – Growing Strawberries in Containers

Fresh, bright red and juicy strawberries are often used as dessert toppings and decorations because they make any food appear visually sweeter and mouth-watering. But did you know that you can grow strawberries in your home? Strawberries are actually one of the easiest fruit-bearing plants to grow in pots.

Tips on Proper Rose Care

Lots of people believe that taking care of roses takes work and effort. Here are some easy and simple rose care tips to have beautiful rose garden.

Grafting a Fruit Tree – Why and How to

Grafting is generally the joining of two branches together that are from related trees with the intent of producing a tree with some special characteristics. It is a way to achieve a fruit tree that may not grow from cuttings or seed and allows the grower to produce multiple varieties of the same fruit on the same tree.

Snow Thrower – Tips For Shopping & Maintenance

Are you planning to buy a snow thrower? While buying a snow thrower you have to keep certain points in your mind so that you get a good deal for your valuable money. By planning well beforehand you can save your pocket and also leave no snow behind your backyard.

Hot Tips on Garden Design Style

The design of the garden should reflect the style of the building, how it is furnished and the materials used for decor purposes as well as those used structurally. So a contemporary garden can suit an ancient building if the interior dรฉcor and finishes are also contemporary.

How to Plant Annuals

If you are looking to start a flower garden but want to keep it simple, you may want to start with an annual garden. Annuals offer a wide variety of color, but live only one growing season. They are easy to maintain and easy to plant, as long as you follow a few simple steps. So explore the following steps and learn how easy you can start your own annual garden.

Gardeners Hand Therapy

I was asked the other day if I knew of any tips to assist the ‘would be gardener’ with hand and nail care. So, here are a few helpful tips to beautify your hands an nails.

7 Tips on Basic Fall Gardening

Our Spring and Fall gardening chores are backwards from other regions of the country. Here in central Florida, fall is the time for soil preparation and planting. Nearly everywhere else, the chores will relate to their final harvest or retiring their plants to the compost heap.

Encouraging Wildlife Habitats in the Garden – Part 1

Do you want to encourage wildlife within your garden and landscape? In this Blog Post, I will share with you some Top Tips for you to action to encourage them not only to visit you but to build their habitat close to you. Watch out for Part 2 coming soon!

Design a Magnificent and Exotic Mini Herb Garden With Terrarium

Herb gardening has been around since centuries from the time of Greeks and Romans who knew many secrets of the healing herbs. The Chinese and Ayurvedic medical systems each have heavy depictions of herbs and their healing power.

Great Garden Enhancement Ideas

If you are a homeowner that takes great pride in your yard or garden, then you probably appreciate any helpful tips that could help to make your outdoor area more attractive. There is little doubt that you have spent some long hours outdoors tending to and caring for your yard.

Italian Herb Garden Delights

Italian food contains some of the world’s most popular flavors that come straight from an Italian herb garden. There is a wide variety to choose from.

Care of Bonsai Trees – Quick Start Guide

The quickest way to get started on what hopefully will be years of pleasure from the growing and care of bonsai trees is to buy a plant that has already been potted. However there are some things to watch out for to ensure you get a bonsai tree that is healthy and unlikely to give you trouble from the word go.

Mimosa – A Sensitive Plant

The Bashful Briar (Mimosa pudica)- Sensitive Mimosa species is native to South America and Central America. It is often grown as a popular ornamental for its curiosity factor.

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