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Growing Roses in the Window Boxes

Roses grown in window boxes and other containers need plenty of good soil or, better still, a high quality potting compost. You should also keep them well watered, particularly for the first three weeks or so after transplanting while they’re establishing their roots.

Why Grow Herbs in Pots

If you’ve ever visited the country, you probably remember seeing farms with rows of vegetables of all sorts. Crops were planted to feed families, and sometimes to transport somewhere else to sell. If you are not growing herbs as resell crops, you probably don’t need a lot of plants for you and your family.

Re Herb Garden Information

Gardening is one of the most popular hobbies in the US and UK with herb gardening a very successful branch off. So why is this so?

Basil – Have You Met My Favorite Herb Friend Basil?

Basil is an annual herb, but basil will propagate on its own in warmer climates if left to go to seed, producing a continuous supply of fresh basil. When planting established basil herb plants from the nursery, space the plants about 10″ apart to leave room for the herb plant to grow into nicely rounded globes or bushes.

Lighting Adds Beauty to Your Garden

I have seen many beautiful gardens through the years and have noticed many have one thing in common. When darkness falls, the garden goes unseen for at least half the day. Why do more people not utilize outdoor garden lights to lengthen the amount of time they can enjoy their garden? Many homes are beautifully landscaped along with a well thought out and implemented outdoor lighting plan to highlight the special landscaping and architectural features of their property. By taking inspiration from these properties, you too can have a garden area that can be enjoyed any time of the day or night.

Culinary Herb Growing – Top 7 Easiest Herbs to Grow

Culinary herbs are popular and fun to grow. However, some types of culinary herbs can be tricky to grow in certain climates. There are a few types that are easy to grow and perfect for beginners and experienced gardeners alike.

Growing Basil at Home Made Easy

Basil is such a versatile and great cooking herb! No matter what climate you live in, you can grow basil really easily!

Gardening Herbs at Home – Basil

Basil is such an essential ingredient in the kitchen, you’d be mad not to have a fresh supply at home! What’s more, it’s really simple to grow, and thrives in most climates!

Growing Basil in a Home Herb Garden

As you no doubt know, Basil is a great herb! It can flourish almost anywhere in the world, and is really easy to grow!

Growing Culinary Herbs – Top Five Benefits of Growing Culinary Herbs

Some people find joy in growing flowering and ornamental plants. However, there are also those who are fond of growing plants which they can use in their everyday living just like culinary herbs. People love to eat and growing culinary herbs in their own garden provides the best means to have an endless supply of herbs anytime of the year.

What Are the Biggest Dangers to Herb Garden Plants?

A gardener is required to be very cautious in relation to the watering of their plants as under watering may lead to a lot of harm. It has been discovered that the majority of gardeners are aware about the bad effects of under watering but only a handful are alert about the dangers that are associated with over watering. It is thought that over watering is the worst of the two. House plants can easily die as a result of being over watered. Signs of over watering are mostly universal, based on the time of year, kind of plant, climate, as well as the temperature.

Gardening Jobs For December

Finish up your autumn gardening chores now and start planning for the new planting year. Here are some ideas of what to do. Now’s the time to finish planting spring bulbs and early summer bulbs such as Alliums – these will look great next year at a fraction of ready grown prices. Keep dead-heading roses for continued flowers but start pruning some of the other shrubs that need controlling now.

Plant Now For Spring Colour

Spring is that season when suddenly the days seem to get longer, the sun comes out a little more and occasionally you get to sit in the garden without freezing. More importantly you can start clearing up the garden, doing the last bits of pruning and look forward to plants coming to life.

I Had a Little Nut Tree

Thinking of planting an orchard? Don’t forget about all the fabulous nut trees at this time of year.

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