‘Coast to Coast’ Hosta for Shady Landscapes

Organic Gardening – Trap Cropping To Control Pests In Your Garden

Trap cropping is a practice that can be very beneficial to organic garden, and is a natural method of pest control. It is the planting of a crop to protect a main crop from a certain pest or a variety of pests. These trap crops can be from the same or different family as the main crop being protected. There are two ways that a trap crop can be planted, perimeter, or as an inter-crop.

An Insight Into the Different Techniques of Hydroponics

Hydroponic gardening is an excellent method to grow healthy plants and vegetables. They produce a better yield and also boost the nutritional value of vegetables. The plant also grows faster in a Hydroponic system compared to traditional gardening.

An Insight Into Hydroponics Systems

Hydroponics is the process of growing plants using various mineral nutrient solutions. What makes Hydroponics unique and different from other processes is that in this method, water is used instead of soil. So basically the plant roots are submerged in the mineral nutrient solution in an inert medium like gravel or coconut husk.

The Various Advantages and Disadvantages of Hydroponics

Hydroponics is an efficient process used to grow plants and food materials by keeping the plants in nutrient rich solutions. Soil is not used as a base and instead water is used. As a nutrient solution can provide the plants with the necessary nutrients for its growth and survival, it is quite unnecessary to use soil in this method.

Learn to Grow Orchids Without the Fancy Equipment or Expensive Greenhouse

If you believe the only place you can grow orchids successfully is within professional greenhouses, then think again. Many green thumbs are having exceptional results right at home. The key to the whole matter is finding the right species of orchid that works well in your growing zone and provides an easy care plan with respect to amount of sunlight, watering requirements, feeding, and replanting.

Which of These 3 Mistakes Are You Making When Mowing Your Lawn?

Mistake number two is often over looked yet it can have a major impact on the appearance and health of your lawn. Correct this problem and your mowing gets easier while saving you time and effort. Have I got your attention? Good. What were talking about…

Growing Orchids – An Overview of Raising This Beautiful Flower

Many people believe that growing orchids should be left to the experts. However, with a little common sense and knowledge as to what a particular species of the flower prefers and finds not so favorable, it is not beyond reason that you too can enjoy growing orchids in the home setting.

Beginner Orchid Care – Amateurs Can Certainly Grow These Flowering Plants

There has been information floating around to the effect that persons who are interested in growing orchids must be skilled gardeners. Certainly you will require knowledge in order to become a success when growing orchids; however, you don’t need to have abundant gardening or orchid care knowledge.

The Different Kinds of Orchids and How to Care For Them

It can’t be overemphasized that when growing orchids the basic requirements for are always: a) Water, b) Light, and c) Nutrients. Naturally this is true of most plants. However, as is also the case of plants of varying families, the amount you provide each of the various kinds of orchids is what makes all the difference of success and non-success when growing the flower.

How to Grow Papaver Somniferum in Seed Trays

Whilst it is easy to sow Papaver somniferum seeds directly into your garden, to get some early flowers in your borders you can also sow plants in seed trays to help germination along. This is a great way of carefully nurturing plants whilst the lingering frosts of spring remain. It is also ideal if you have specific seed varieties that you want to plant into the garden in a specific design. And with Breadseed poppies germinating and growing so easily, starting them off in seed trays will help you grow a lot of healthy and strong specimens which will fill your garden with blooms later in the year.

Let Your Roses Reach for the Sky!

One of the amazing things about roses is that they can be trained to grow like vines, so that with proper support they can cover a trellis, pergola or even a whole wall! This article reviews the joys and challenges of climber roses.

Can Plants Grow Without Soil Effectively?

Not only can plants be grown without soil, soil free gardening is becoming increasingly popular. Many people are starting to discover that soil is not always the best medium for growing plants. One method in particular is changing the way a lot of the world is starting to look at the way we grow food.

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