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Gardening Around the Garage Adds Value and Curb Appeal

Driveways and areas around garage doors are often ignored when landscaping. However, a bit of outdoor design and gardening goes a long way toward adding value to a home.

Greenhouse Gardening FAQs

If you’re considering getting involved in greenhouse gardening, there are a lot of things that you need to learn. It’s important that you know the basics before deciding that this type of gardening is for you. Here is a look at some of the common FAQs and the answers to those questions.

Vanilla Orchid Plants

Vanilla is among the most popular scents for everything from candles to perfume to bath salts. The image of a vanilla bloom is on the packaging of many of vanilla scented products and is well recognized. Vanilla is a familiar flavor that is used to add flavor to many sweets and baked goods like shakes, pudding, and cakes. What is not well known is that the vanilla plant is actually an orchid plant.

Outdoor Herb Gardening and Companion Plants You Should Try

Outdoor herb gardens are very common nowadays. Perhaps it’s because it ensures a person of the quality of the food they eat or maybe it’s just to save a few bucks. Nonetheless, it is a very wise thing to have.

Building Your Private Tea Garden – The Basics and Accessories to Have

A garden dedicated to the growing of herbs just for tea is not a novel idea. And when the weather is nice, the garden is not only a source of your tea, but it can be the setting to leisurely sip your tea and meditate. It may also be the place to serve this fine beverage to your guests.

Window Box Gardening

A simple and easy way to grow vegetables with window box gardening. This is great for small spaces and where you have no yard space. You can grow your own vegetables even when you do not have a yard. This is great for those who live in cities with high rise apartments.

Orchid Plant Basics

Orchids are beautiful flowering plants that take a little extra care to grow. They don’t grow in regular potting soil, and they take some extra attention to get to bloom.

How to Take Care of Orchid Plants

An orchid is usually bought when in bloom. A little watering of the potting material and you will be able to enjoy your orchid blooms.

Allergies in the Garden

For those folk suffering from allergies, most gardens, if not all outdoors, must seem like an all out assault. However, whether it is stinging creatures, or pollen that causes the grief, here are a few insights into what to avoid, if at all possible, for people suffering from garden allergies.

Importance of Gardening Direct

Gardening is one of the most intimate tasks between a gardener and his garden. What the garden requires is an immense amount of attention and care.

Starting a New Hobby Simple Vegetable Gardening

When it comes to productive hobbies, nothing can be better than simple vegetable gardening. It is an activity that millions of people love to do.

Seeds For All Seasons?

Right after Christmas, the seed catalogs arrived, and everyone eagerly pored over each one of them. The plants and flowers, the imagined fragrances and delectable harvests, dissecting what would fit in what space in our yard, shade or partial sun, drought-tolerant or moist, deep reds or bright purples. It was all there in those books.

How to Care For Bonsai Trees

If you’re just starting out with bonsai, don’t panic it’s not difficult. As a matter of fact, it may be much fun more than what you thought. If you do not know how to start, there’s always an boulevard of knowledge for you: your granny to aid you, informational articles to read, and cyberspace.

Creating Organic Compost For Your Garden

One of the greatest challenges of gardening in Wilmington NC is the poor quality of our soil. Many conquer this problem by loading up on compost and manure at the local home store. While effective, this can often be pricey.

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