Controlling Growth in the Polytunnel

Getting Your Hydroponic Nutrients Just Right

When growing an indoor hydroponic garden, there are three essential nutrients that are necessary for optimal plant growth: phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen. In addition to those, there are secondary hydroponic essentials like magnesium, calcium, iron, and such. Your plants will require the right balance of all in order for you to achieve a good harvest.

6 Tips For Choosing Plants For Your Green Roof

There are two types of green roofs when it comes right down to it – intensive and extensive roofs. Extensive green roofing is made up of one shallow layer of planting material, making the choice of plants a little trickier. Intensive roofing is made up of either a deeper planting base or several depths, so choosing plants for it becomes more about the fun than the depth.

Do You Know How to Protect the Air Pump in Your Hydroponic Garden?

I have heard of many indoor gardeners plagued with broken air pumps. Don’t blame the malfunction on a poorly built product, blame it on a poorly trained user.

Sustainable Rose Gardening

All rose growers should be conscious of the impact pesticides can have on our roses, but did you know that many organic solutions are actually more harmful to the environment than chemical pesticides? Americans continue to love their roses but many now want to grow them in an environmentally responsible manner; thus, the changing attitude towards sustainable rose gardening. By sustainable, we mean managing our rose gardens with minimal effects on the environment.

Growing Container Tomatoes is Ideal For Those Short on Space

For those with limited space, tomato plants can be grown just as successfully in a container as in a garden. Growing a tomato plants in a container has many benefits. For those short of in space or do not have a garden at all, this is the perfect method.

Orchid Types Any Plant Enthusiast Should Know About

There are many orchid types, and because of a huge number of species to choose from, you may get confused on what to choose. But among all the different hybrids, there are only two orchid types, the terrestrial orchids and epiphytes.

Choosing the Right Garden Building For Your Property

If you need a good space saving solution for your garden or just somewhere to enjoy the good weather then there are a wide range of garden buildings available that can help. It can sometimes be difficult to choose the right building for your garden but here are 3 of the best solutions.

Buying Bulbs

The plants grown from bulbs are superb for adding much needed color to spring borders, but there are other types, flowering at other times of the year that are equally rewarding. It is important to choose bulbs suited to the conditions your garden has to offer. Bulbs can be bought from garden centers, from gardening websites on the internet or by mail order from specialists. Most are sold as dry bulbs during the dormant season, either loose or in pre packs. A few select varieties are available as container grown plants in spring.

Learn The Many Benefits To Growing Tomatoes Upside Down

Tomatoes grown using the upside down method tend to be grown in a container rather than outdoors in a garden. Those who enjoy gardening but lack the space can still enjoy home grown tomatoes this way, as well as those short on the time it takes to tend to a garden daily.

Pots Gardening – Which Containers For Plants and Which Plants?

Gardening out of pots and using containers for plants is a great way to start a garden. If you do not have the space to dedicate to a garden — maybe you live in the city or maybe you just do not want to commit to creating a full blown garden — but you would still like to benefit from enjoying farm fresh food and the satisfaction of growing you own vegetables and fruits, the pots gardening route is the one to take!

Watering Orchids – 5 Important Tips

Watering orchids the same way you water other houseplants will keep orchid roots too wet and allow the roots to start rotting, which can eventually kill your orchid. Orchids need to be planted in medium that drains well and allows air to get to the roots. In general, orchids like to be drenched, and then not water again until they have almost dried out.

Building Greenhouses at Home

Building greenhouses at home is ideal if you like to work and play about your orchard or garden in winter. In fact, home greenhouses have several important advantages over a communal garden.

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