Cover Cropping: The LAZIEST Way to Improve Your Soil

Wildflower Meadow

The easiest way to create a wildflower meadow is to sow it like a lawn using a special wildflower and grass mix. You can convert an existing lawn by clearing patches and sowing a wildflower seeds mixture, or by planting pot grown species directly into the grass.

Planting in and Around the Lawn

Adding plants to your lawn can transform the appearance of your garden. Bulbs and wildflowers will provide seasonal interest, while trees and shrubs will add height and structure. Bear in mind that the more obstacles you place in the lawn the longer it will take to mow and trim and you will break up the sweep of an uncluttered lawn.

Saving Time in Repairing Your Lawn

Lawns on very light, sandy soils can soon lose their sharpness as the edges of beds and borders crumble away. Even on other soils the edges of a lawn may be damaged by an ill placed foot. Repairing the edges of a lawn can be a time consuming task, perhaps repeated every spring, but it is necessary if your garden uses formal beds as an integral part of the design.

Organic in the Garden – Manure, Grass Hay and Lawn Clippings – 5 Steps to the Ultimate Compost

No organic garden is complete without a couple of compost heaps. It is the most valuable nutrient and soil conditioner for all aspects of a garden environment.

Reducing Maintenance Time

The shape of a lawn, whether square, rectangular or irregular, will have a great influence on the amount of time it takes to keep it neat as well as the style of garden you are trying to create. Obviously the larger a lawn the more time it will take to mow. This can, however, be offset somewhat by choosing a mower with a cutting width to match the size of your lawn.

Gardeners Supplies For Vegetable Gardening

In order to be good home gardeners you will need good quality garden tools in order to be a success. Gardeners’ supplies not only include the tools but the seeds and seedlings as well. Vegetable gardening should be fun and rewarding knowing you can grow tasty vegetables yourself.

Container Growing Vegetables

Container growing vegetables has most likely been something you have wanted to try for a long time in order to save a little money. Now you want to try your hand at it but just a few at a time to see how you are going to like it. Container growing your vegetables is a very rewarding project.

Vegetable Gardening For Beginners

If you are interested and very much excited to have a new garden of your own with your favorite vegetables in the garden, you have to follow a sequence of steps to create a beautiful and colorful garden with all your favorite vegetables which also has vegetable gardens for beginners, vegetable gardening for beginners. It is not a tough job to have a garden at the back yard of your home. It is pretty simple and easy to maintain too.

Hydroponics at Home

Hydroponics has developed so much in the last 10 years that small hydroponic systems can be set up at home. Small hydroponic systems are perfect for people with very little garden space or concrete gardens.

Simple Guidelines For Growing Orchids Successfully

The Orchid is one of the most popular plants among homeowners. Orchids can be found in a variety of species ranging from natural ones as well as hybrids. They are easy to take care of if you give them the right amount of light, fertilizer, water, and fresh air.

Keeping Unwanted Creatures Out of Your Garden

In the natural world, every creature has its place, but when it’s YOUR natural world, there’s some living things you sometimes wish would find a different place. If you take pride in your garden, keep flowers and vegetables and try to maintain a neat lawn, you will have many natural enemies. Aside from all the insects you have to worry about; rabbits, birds and even deer can cause considerable damage to your prized patch.

Mulch For the Garden

For a vegetable garden to reach its full potential, you have to fill it with the best garden mulch you can find. This will take a little extra work in the beginning of the planting season, but since I’m a lazy man by nature, I do what I can to keep any physical labor to a minimum. I picked my first tomatoes today.

Tomato Growing Temperature – Can You Grow in Any Climate?

Planting tomatoes is America’s most popular home garden crop and the all-time favorite ingredient in culinary. They are easy to grow though sometimes can also be troublesome.

How to Water Orchids

Raising orchids has now become a favorite past time, because of the fantastic blooms that one can enjoy from the different varieties of orchids. They are quite easy to take care of and can survive even with minimum care.

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