Create a Cinder Block Garden

Garden Designs and Idea

Garden design is a feature that the Japanese perfected long years ago. Garden beauties outside a house always fascinate the people around and create a soothing experience.

Rose Garden Design to Increase the Value and Beauty of the Property

Learning how to design a garden can be tricky and frustrating. Garden designers take a lot of dedication and attention to design a garden.

Flower Garden Design Using Desert Plants Rocks and Water Friendly Desert Ideas

When most people think of deserts they think of sand, cactus plant and tumbleweed. But the people living in desert area has a different opinion, they say that the desert is a beautiful area full of colors after the spring season.

Having Fun With Plants For Kids

Are you looking for new ways to have fun with your kids? Read this guide on plants for kids and maybe you’ll soon find yourself gardening with your children.

Farming 101: Organic Farming

Some people might ask this, what is Organic Farming? Organic farming is actually a natural act or a technique, and goes side by side with the environment. This type of farming is limited to using only natural-based fertilizers and pesticides (does not use any kind of chemicals that might post any harm to nature).

What Are Worm Castings?

What are Worm Castings? Castings from worms are actually known as worm manure or poop. This wonderful worm end result, can be turned into a very good gardening supplement. Both European nightcrawlers and red wigglers can produce the same valuable resource too.

Why We Should Turn To Organic Gardening

Organic gardening is just the same as the other forms of gardening where you plant and make use of techniques and methods to grow it and produce more crops. But, it is also different in the sense that it does not use synthetic fertilizers and pesticides or new and high-tech methods and techniques most farmers use these days. It is not only concern about growing plants and having more produce, because it is also concern about the nature – soil, water, animals and the environment as a whole.

Things You Need To Know About Nightcrawler Worms

There are a lot of things that you can learn about Nightcrawler Worms, other than being just your ordinary slimy worms. And just like red worms, they too can be used for composting, and more. Read on further to learn more about this fascinating creature.

Tips to Building a Compost Bin

There are many commercially-made compost bins that can be easily purchased at the market today. But if you’re looking for cheaper ways to have one at home, then you can try your hand at building a compost bin of your own.

Red Wiggler 101: What Red Wiggler Worms Eat

Just like other living creatures, red wiggler worms also have the need to eat, to be able to survive. So the question here is, what do these red worms typically munch on? You’ll find out in this article what red wiggler worms eat on a regular basis.

A Grow House – Best Challenge for Advanced Gardeners

They are so fantastic when providing a perfect blend of sunlight, irrigation and weather control to nurture food all year long. Green houses can be of use when carrying out commercial purpose farming like growing vegetables, fruits and herbs because the crop yields will be high. If you are ready to take on the responsibility of a hobby green house, why don’t you try advanced gardening in order to get excellent results after a successful harvest season.

Handy Information About Red Wiggler Worms

When you compost the aerobic or anaerobic way, you’ll know that you’ll be able to produce in a specific time, an organically-made fertilizer that’s high in nutritional value; and is definitely of good quality. But if you want to make the process of decomposition much more quickly, then you should choose to venture into some vermicomposting using red wiggler worms.

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