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5 Ways to Water Your Garden Environmentally Consciously

I love gardening and the time spent outdoors. However I sometimes worry about all the water people use to water their gardens as well as lawns. It does add up, and as well as costing money, it is not environmentally sound and we have water shortages in many places too. Limiting the water we use simply makes a lot of sense. Here are 5 tips to reduce and water usage and your impact on the environment.

Perennial Flowers From Early Spring Trough Early Fall

Have you ever wanted a garden that was made up of perennial flowers that would have something in bloom through out the whole growing season. I know a lot of people have this wish and it can be done.

How to Grow Water Spinach (Kangkong)

Water spinach (Ipomea aquatic Forssk) is a herbaceous perennial aquatic or semi-aquatic upland crops and is also called Water Convolvulus that belongs to the morning glory family (Convolvulaceae). Other names of water spinach includes; Tropical spinach, Kankon, Weng Cai, Ngung Choi, Ung Tsoi, Ung Choi, Kong Xin Cai, Tong Si Tsai, Toongsintsai, Hung sam choi, Ong tung tso, Ong Choy, Ungtsai, Tung Choy, Kang Kong, Kang Kung, Rau Muong, Swamp Cabbage and Swamp morning glory. Because of its trailing vine-like stems which are hollow, they are adapted to grow in water due to their floating ability. Their root systems are readily developed from their nodes that could easily contact with the water or directly to the soil. That’s why they can easily grow either in water or in soil condition.

How To Start Your Own Grape Vineyard

Today it is possible to start a grape growing vineyard on your own. Grape growing requires two types of locations to grow grapes; one is called the traditional and the other is non-traditional. One of the areas of successful grape growing has been in the nontraditional area of the cities backyard grape growing.

5 Advantages Of Raised Garden Beds

Would you like to be in a position to grow your own fruit and vegetables, but are limited for space in your garden? If you would then now is the time to be considering using raised garden beds. These are a good way to use what space you as the plaints are raised up rather than out.

The Cause Of Blossom End Rot Disease

Blossom end rot causes horrible green/brown soft ends to the tomato and as it is a disease, these tomatoes should not be eaten. Information on the cause of blossom end rot and how to solve the problem.

Grey Wall in Tomatoes

Grey wall or blotchy ripening is a name that is indicative of the disorder where fruit do not ripen properly or ripen unevenly. Symptoms develop whilst the fruit is still green.

Tips on Planting and Growing Grape Vines

There are a lot of grape growing enthusiasts who want to make their own wine. This is because sipping a glass of your own wine with your friends is a very pleasant activity. If you do not want a large vineyard, things are even simpler as you do not need to be a master in the domain for planting and growing grape vines.

Growing Grapes From Your Backyard

Growing grapes from the backyard is tough. You have to be patient and persistent, just like a parent to a child. What’s more, it takes years just to have fruit. If you are still willing to put in the effort then here are some simple ways to do it.

Used Garden Tractors – Tips to Find the Best Buy

With today’s prices continually increasing and with most people feeling the pinch in their wallets, it’s a good idea to consider looking at used garden tractors for your yard work needs. So if you’re wondering whether it’s a good idea to buy a used garden tractor, then read on. We’ll address what to look for in a used model, and we’ll provide tips so that you can decide between a private party sale and a used machine from a retailer.

How To Dry Herbs To Retain The Best Flavor

Drying your own fresh herbs is a wonderful experience as you feel so good being able to use all the extra herbs that have grown in your garden. It is not a difficult process either but there are certain aspects that need to be adhered to so that success is ensured.

Fans – CFM Explained

Indoor gardeners should plan for ventilation when designing their grow rooms and use inline (vent) fans to pull stale air out and intake fans to pump fresh air in. Plants transpire water into the air and if nothing is done to replace this moist air with fresh, dry air, the stomata can’t do their job effectively causing growth to stop.

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