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How To Make Orchids Bloom – Which Fertilizer To Use?

So now you have yourself a beautiful orchid, or perhaps several, and you’d like to learn how to make orchids bloom. More than likely you have a perfectly healthy plant that you have been caring for properly. You’ve been making sure that its rootballs get thoroughly soaked at least once a week and that it receives sufficient light. All is good, except for that fact that perhaps that beauty just doesn’t get on with the blooming. Well my friend, you have the power to turn that pretty orchid into something truly amazing!

7 Top Tips to Growing Organic Vegetables at Home

Have you ever wanted to grow organic vegetables at home? Perhaps you thought it would be too complicated or expensive? Well if you follow my 7 Top Tips you will be enjoying home-grown organic vegetables in next to no time.

Practical and Efficient – The Traditional Cockerel Weathervane

Whether an icon of pagan lore or revered as a virulent fighting beast, the cock weathervane has been adorning buildings for centuries. References to a bronze cock can be found in ninth century manuscripts.

Spectacular Thoughts for Your Spring Time Garden!

Greetings friends and fellow gardeners. Recently I have been putting together ideas for sharing some new plant material with you all, and have compiled this following list of some new introductions and some old time favorites that I feel will brighten up your spring time garden. Spring time is always a great time of the year, a time for creating new ideas, a fresh start on old plans halted by the onslaught of winter and preparation of course to ready your tools and take inventory of seed selections, new plants for the garden, and anything creative to make…

Pink Plumeria Flowers

When it comes to enjoying very beautiful pink flowers, you will never be disappointed by the wide variety and shades of the tropical exotic pink plumeria flowers that are available for your garden. Though not as bold as red, pink plumeria flowers have a unique place among plumeria flowers when it comes to color.

How to Tell If You Are Overwatering or Underwatering Your Orchids

Just because orchids are tropical plants means they need to be watered like they’re in a tropical rainforest right? And rain forests are really rainy and wet all the time, or else they wouldn’t call them RAIN forests right? Wrong…

Tips on Growing Raspberries

Raspberries are perfectly timed to follow on from the strawberry season to provide soft, juicy fruit throughout the season. Although usually grown in rows, even the smallest garden can squeeze in a raspberry cane or three!

Phalaenopsis Orchid Growing Care Tips

Growing a Phalaenopsis Orchid in your home can be rewarding and fun. It is particularly well suited for the conditions you already find at home. Phalaenopsis hybrids flowers range in size from 2″ to nearly 5″ in diameter.

Growing Tomatoes Indoors – The Right Way

Probably the most commonly asked questions with regards to growing tomatoes indoors, is just how long it will take to develop tomatoes, then when to plant tomatoes. As with every other plant, there are several measures you will want to adhere to, even before you really plant it, so your tomato plant develops in to a healthy and balanced one.

Using an Urban Compost Tumbler

Many people are beginning to grow more of their own food in their back yard garden. In order to benefit from the most fertile soil mixture, they have resorted to making compost for their garden. Using an urban compost tumbler is the best and fastest way to get the desired results in your composting. Many people are achieving their desired results in only a few weeks.

Gardening Tips – Should Your Garden Be in the Shade Or Sunlight?

There is no doubt about the fact that vegetable gardening is a much more satisfying experience than any other form of gardening. This is more so because we get the opportunity to relish the dishes made out of our own produce. Saying that, vegetable gardening is also not as easy as other types of gardening and we need to plan well in advance, even before starting turning the ground for seeding.

How To Care For An Orchid – Water Or Ice And How Much?

Knowing how to care for an orchid, or many orchids, in your home or garden may not be one of the easiest things in this world to do, but it certainly is not one of the hardest either. Relax, just think of this beautiful and exotic plant as you would any other living, breathing being on this planet (including us lovely humans too, of course) and you’ll see that it’s not so hard at all. Water is a fundamental necessity for us and certainly for our orchid friend as well. So lets take a few minutes and talk about the drinking requirements of this wonderful plant.

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