Create a Little Succulent Decor for Autumn!

Know When to Repot Your Orchids

For orchids to maintain good health and continued growth, repotting them correctly is essential. In here I want to discuss the importance of this and give you some very useful advice that will keep your orchids blooming for years to come.

Diseases and Pests That Could Affect Your Hydroponic Garden

If you build a hydroponic garden in the outdoors, at some point or another you will be likely to run into a problem involving diseases or pests. There are a wide range of plant diseases that could kill off all of your hard work within a relatively short time frame, along with insect infestations that could cause equal damage if left unchecked. This is especially the case with hydroponic gardens, as they are have higher humidity levels than traditional soil-based gardens, and humidity is a condition that could easily lead to unwanted problems.

Tips on Making an Outdoor Hydroponic Garden

Building a garden in the outdoors with a hydroponic system is much easier than creating one indoors. For starters, you already have access to sunlight (provided you live in a climate that experiences sunlight on a regular basis), and sunlight is one of the most important factors involved in plant growth. Another benefit to growing in the outdoors is that you will usually have much more space to build a garden than in an indoor area, and this is especially important with some varieties of vegetables that do not grow well when in close proximity to each other.

The Easy Way To Growing Your Tomato Garden

Growing your very own tomatoes can be a fun pastime and it is a relatively easy proposition. Come harvest time you will enjoy fresh tomatoes and you can try out numerous recipes with them. There are over 7,000 known varieties of tomatoes.

The Basics of a Hydroponic System

Hydroponics is a system used to grow plants in controlled conditions. The difference between hydroponic systems and traditional plant growing methods is that hydroponics relies on growing plants without soil. Instead, plants are grown in a water-based solution that is enriched with all of the nutrients and minerals that are essential to healthy plant growth.

Grape Growing – A Look Into What It Takes to Make It Work

Grapes are a favorite amongst not only regular fruit lovers but also amongst businessmen. Grapes can be used as ingredients for a lot of food and wine products. For those who choose to venture into the business with grapes, a steady stock of grapes must always be ready and available 24/7.

Creating an Indoor Hydroponic Garden

Many people choose to set up an indoor garden as an alternative to a traditional plant growing area established in the outdoors. One of the advantages of an indoor growing space is that it is possible to control external factors such as temperature, lighting, and ambiance, making it easier to grow a variety of fruits, vegetables, plants, and crops out of season. If you are interested in setting up a garden indoors, here are some tips on creating your very own hydroponic indoor garden.

Tips of How to Deal With Orchid Yellow Leaves

First and foremost, you should understand the reasons why orchid yellow leaves are formed. A reason why your orchids may have yellow leaves may be an indicator of aging.

California Poppies – Bring Vibrancy to Border Edges

Whether your flowerbeds surround a gorgeous lawn, or are dissected by quaint and wandering paths, the edges of planting areas often get forgotten. A lack of plants can detract from a gardens overall appeal, making planting looking a little sparse.

In Order To Facilitate The Phalaenopsis Orchid Care You Need Sunlight

All plants need sunlight to facilitate the phalaenopsis orchid care. However, the intensity of light varies among plants. Orchids require moderate sunlight – neither too much to cause the roots to wither and die nor too less to suppress the plant growth.

Vermicomposting 101: The Biological Structure of Your Worm Composting Pals

Earthworms (especially the ones that are being used for worm composting) go way back. They’re more like prehistoric creatures. But through time, worms like the Eisenia Foetida’s physical structure have developed as things progressed.

Winter Gardening – Get More Benefit From Your Gardening Skills

Winter is right around the corner and snow flakes and freezing temperatures have already arrived. You can plant a garden inside with a just a few special things to consider. For more adventurous indoor gardeners, try dwarf varieties of tomatoes, peppers and even orange trees.

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