Creating Colorful Containers for Early Spring

Reasons Why An Aquaponics System Is Better Than a Hydroponics System

Hydroponics systems are very popular for growing food. They are well suited for home use and can provide the user with a large yield of very healthy and nutritious vegetables. However this system of growing food does have some drawbacks. You will need to supply the water with nutrients, which are many times chemical. This means the taste of the crops is not be the ones you might expect.

Different Lighting Use in Hydroponics Part 2

In Part 1 we discussed what the main types of lamps used in hydroponics were, and the equipment needed to use them. This article will focus on explaining the role of Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium bulbs.

Sharing the Special Joys of Gardening With the Kids

Most of us who enjoy gardening also enjoy sharing our gardening ideas and information with others. One of the special joys of gardening is that we can share it with our kids, our grandkids, or our neighbors’ kids.

Recycling for Kids: The Marvelous Compost Bin!

If you’ve never thought of getting your kids involved in recycling, then both you and your kids are missing out. This article introduces composting so that together we can find ways to involve and inspire your kids — all of which we cover in more detail in subsequent articles.

Aquaponic Food

Many of us are complaining about the cost of foodstuffs. Some of us have turned to traditional earth farming and some of us have turned to water farming. It is showing in statistical data that many of us are purchasing from local farmers or preferring aquaponic food of fish and vegetables.

Advantages of Aquaponics Over Ground Based Gardening

There have been many developments in the field of agriculture over the years. Most people consider the agriculture as being a ground based form of growing food. However today’s technology will allow you grow your organic food in water. This can be done in your own home. Growing food in a water based garden is called hydroponics. A related system is called aquaponics.

5 Common Growing Mediums For Indoor Gardens

Hydroponics is the cultivation of plants using various liquid nutrient solutions rather than soil. Although soil is not required in a hydroponic garden, there are different kinds of growing mediums that can be used to support the root of the plants.

Composting for Kids: Get Them Involved!

Composting for Kids! Yes, I did say ‘composting for kids’. Getting children involved in composting is one of the best, and easiest, ways of educating them about recycling.

Different Lighting Use in Hydroponics Part 1

Lighting can seem very overwhelming and confusing when starting out using hydroponics, but these posts have been published to demystify and clarify the different lighting models used in hydroponics. The idea of hydroponics (growing flowers, herbs or vegetables without the use of soil) is not a new occurrence. It is thought that one of several wonders of the world “The Hanging Gardens of Babylon” were constructed by applying hydroponic techniques.

Water Attractions Aren’t Just for Amusement Parks

One of the prettiest ways to improve the look of a home is to add a water attraction of some kind. This article will guide you through choosing the right water attraction for your home.

The Pros and Cons of Artificial Turf for Your Pets

Installing artificial turf especially just for your pet is a big decision to make. This article hopes that with the pros and cons of artificial turf, it can help you make a wise decision.

Rubber Mulch Review: Things To Consider Before Using Rubber Mulch

Landscape mulch products combine both function and aesthetics when it comes to the benefits derived from their use. Mulch products are not only limited to the organic types; because of the need for recycling, synthetic landscape mulch products have also gained popularity in the market. Rubber mulch is considered as one of the most common type of artificial mulch. The subsequent section is a thorough rubber mulch review listing down the pros and cons of using this product.

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