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Why Organic Gardening is So Amazing

Organic gardening is truly amazing, and for many different reasons. Forget harmful chemicals and making compost out of kitchen and yard scraps makes for very rewarding produce. No more using chemical fertilizers that will run off and ruin the ground water. Find out why an organic garden might be what your life is missing!

Pruning Your Roses

Roses, particularly hybrid teas and floribundas, need to be pruned every year. If left unpruned, they will grow tall and straggly; suckers will form, the stems will die back, the leaves will fall off and both flowering and growth will be poor.

You Can Grow Your Own Even If You Don’t Have a Backyard

There is a big dilemma for modern urban gardeners these days. Unlike those who live in a house urban gardeners do not have their own plot of land to grow their fresh organic fruits and vegetables. So urban gardeners living in high-rise condos are forced to use their small patio if they even want to grow any kind of federal. Often they are forced to use a confined area with inadequate lighting and…

Compost Bins Will Put Your Autumn Leaves to Good Use

Many people rake their leaves in the fall, put them in garbage bags, then throw them away. It really is a shame to waste nature’s bounty in such a way. Leaves can be put to good use by composting them.

Different Varieties of Ground Covering Roses

Here are the different varieties of ground-cover roses and their characteristics. Each type has its own strengths and weaknesses and are best suited for different environments.

Ground Covering Roses

Ground-cover roses need just as much care as other types of rose. Old and dead stems need to be pruned each year, and grafted varieties are sometimes prone to suckers.

Grow Box Hydroponics Suggestion Guide

Advantage of choosing a hydroponics grow box manufacturer that produces custom built units versus one-size-fits-all variety. Purchasing a hydroponics growbox is much like purchasing a car. When you purchase a car you do your due diligence. You do everything you can to read and research everything about your new car before you buy. You should be all over the Internet looking for reviews and articles, blog posts, research on forums and find out everything you can about that car before…

Starting a Child’s Herb Garden

You can help kids to better understand the healing qualities of herbs by presenting them with their own herb garden. Some herbalists have suggested a circular garden which is enclosed by giant sunflowers along with a twig stake teepee in the center. It is here that the kids can find refuge from the rest of the world by sitting in with the crawly critters!

Understanding the Germination of Garden Seeds

In order for seeds to germinate they need the right amount of moisture and a temperature that suits them. When the seeds of our garden plants germinate, the seed coating is broken through at a weak spot. The root tip emerges first and sending out rootlets, it gradually anchors itself in the soil.

Beautify Your Garden With the Stately Delphinium

The delphinium (also called larkspur) is a magnificent and stately plant. Their blooms rise like tall spires to a height of five to seven feet giving the garden a wealth of blue which it might otherwise lack. Delphiniums are particularly effective in a hardy or herbaceous border or massed in front of or amongst shrubs.

No Kitchen is Complete Without Your Trusty Herbs Guide

Herbs have been used since time immemorial and if they had an herbs guide way back then, life in the kitchen would have been a whole lot easier. While today, herbs are used primarily in flavoring foods, things were much different not that long ago. Even today, you can find herbs used in holistic treatments and cures, as well as in aromatherapy, massage and more.

How Are Cranberries Grown?

I’m sure that you have heard about the health benefits of cranberries. Yet these berries and derived products are expensive. The solution – grow your own! In this article I’ll show you how cranberries are grown.

Is Tea Herb Gardening Hard?

If you know what to do in normal herb gardening then tea herb gardening is no different. The more important part would be to know which herbs to choose to grow in your tea herb gardening adventure. Believe me. If you enjoy drinking herbal teas then this will be a great adventure.

Garden Compost Bins – Benefits and Rewards to This Organic Solution

Garden compost bins have lots of benefits and rewards that you can have too when you try it for yourself. Aside from having a good source of garden fertilizer for your vegetables or ornamental plants, you will also be able to lessen the total volume of your kitchen and yard waste.

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