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Garden Flowers and Shrubs in Early January

Examine dahlia stems and tubers regularly and dust with sulphur if there is any suspicion of mould. Sow sweet peas (autumn sowing in pots or peat blocks preยญferable for early shows). Seeds sown this month will need the moderate warmth of a greenhouse until germination takes place.

How to Get a Head Start With Early Tomatoes

Tired of less than delicious supermarket tomatoes? Are you looking for ways to enjoy your own vine ripe tomatoes earlier than anyone else? By choosing the cultivars you plant and controlling the environment, you can have fresh tomatoes on your plate much earlier than last year.

First Things First With Your Vegetable Garden Plans

The first thing to consider when you decide to plant a vegetable garden is how it will be laid out. The main factors that will determine the layout of your vegetable garden are what type of vegetables you intend to grow, and the available space in your garden. Plan it out First up, you should find out what sort of area your vegetable garden will cover.

The End of January in the Greenhouse

Now that the forced spring bulbs are over or indoors the greenยญhouse will be clearer and can be cleaned and tidied up. Bedding double lobelia, single is best raised from seed, may be increased by cuttings rooted in light soil. The hippeastrum (often known as the amaryllis) is encouraged into growth by warmth and watering.

Gardening Tips For Early January

In early January in the greenhouse pot on the autumn-sown sweet peas taking the greatest care not to injure or disturb the delicate root nodes. Place the pots in a cold frame, but wait for a few days before watering the young plants in. Keep the schizanthus bushy by pinching back the long shoots.

Flower Seed Catalog – Three Steps to a Wonderful Spring Garden

When starting your own garden, there are a number of things you can do to save money, Starting your plants by indoor seeding not only saves you money, but also gives you great pleasure as you watch your seedlings develop. These steps will take you to a young thriving seedling filled garden.

Choosing a Greenhouse Watering System

As you build or set up your greenhouse, one important item to include is a water system of some kind. It is much easier to install faucets and drains before building begins, rather than trying to find a watering solution later. Regardless of the type of watering system you use, you should have a floor that drains well. Puddles are unsanitary and dangerous.

Vegetable Garden Stakes As Garden Gifts

When you want to give a unique garden gift, give a garden decor gift that will be treasured by the recipient for many years to come. Consider handmade redwood vegetable garden stakes. Unique redwood garden stakes are stunning and attractive to look at and, it is hard to find them. Handmade redwood vegetable garden stakes make perfect garden gifts for any green thumb and, at any time of the year.

Guidelines For Planting Herb Gardens

This article provide guidance for planting herb gardens, starting with the appropriate time to do it, following with some discussion on deciding whether to start from seeds, seedlings or relatively well-established plants. Next subject is related to treating the seedlings. Finally, it mentions how to plant herbs from cuttings.

Greenhouse Essentials

If you’re thinking of installing of building a greenhouse, you will need to include certain essential equipment and supplies. Here are some of the very basic items you should consider in order to have a functioning greenhouse.

Indoor Plants in January

January is very much the post Christmas present month, where you have to attempt to keep indoor pot plants given by delightful aunts and grannies alive and thriving. The gift plant: the florist or gift plant is a favourite Christmas or New Year’s present. It comes straight from the greenhouse and often finds its new quarters and master unacceptable. Many of the plants die before they have finished flowering.

How to Have Rich Garden Compost Fast With Hot Composting

Hot composting has many benefits over the long slow cold compost heap. This system of composting requires careful management, but you can have rich humus to add to your gardens within a month! Find out here how it’s done correctly.

Build Your Own Garden Pond

Although you could pay a professional to build your garden pond for you, many people decide to create it by themselves. If you are considering doing it yourself you will be glad to know that it isn’t as difficult a task as you might expect. The main thing is to do a bit of research on the fundamentals of how to go about it.

An Education in Herb Garden Designs

No college degree is needed in herb garden designs. Good websites, like this one, and eBooks are all you need to learn some basic principles that lead to successful herb gardening.

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