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Getting Started With Organic Gardening

Why would anyone take the time to grow an organic garden if they did not know organic food is better than non-organic? There are many reasons that organic food is better than non-organic food for both your body and the environment. When you grow your own organic garden, you will know that your vegetables have no chemicals on them, unlike many of the vegetables in stores.

Plastic Garden Sheds – Highly Recommended by Most Expert Gardeners

A lot of plastic garden sheds can be found in a lot of garden centers today. You can also find a lot of them online and have it delivered straight to your doorstep. This is one of the better advantages of these prefabricated sheds compared to just doing the shed on your own.

The Easy Way to Water Orchids

Learning how to water orchids can be easy if you follow some simple advice from the start. It is important to develop a watering schedule that is practical and suits your orchids individual needs.

Orchid Types

While there are thousands of different orchid species and hybrids, there are only two main types. I know it’s amazing. Terrestrial orchids are species that grow on the ground.

3 Tips For Organic Gardening Soil

Do you truly conceive organic gardening soil is the same as common garden soil? If so, boy are you sadly false and you have a rough awakening occurring your way. That’s kind of crude isn’t it? Did I get your attention, I truly hope so. The info in this post will aid you get a full discernment of the facts about organic gardening soil.

6 Steps to Caring For Your Paphiopedilum Orchid

Now you can discover how to keep your Paphiopedilum Orchid healthy and in top condition. In this article you will learn the 6 necessary steps to care for your orchid, with each topic presented in an informative yet easy to understand format.

Using Orchids at Your Wedding

An explanation of the advantages of using orchids at a wedding. Includes the benefits of aroma, beauty, height and what orchids stand for.

Pruning Your Phalaenopsis Orchid

Pruning is the art of removing expired blooms, dried leaves, and sometimes a part of the main stem. Pruning not only makes your plant look better, but also encourages new growth. There is a preferred method in pruning the Phalaenopsis orchid for maximum blooms and good health. Keep your work area clean and tools sterile when pruning to prevent spreading plant infections.

Keep Problem Pests Away From Your Orchids

Most plants including orchids suffer from some kind of pests or insects. The best defense against them is not to have them in the first place. However, short of that, keeping an eye out for any abnormalities or unusual things like spots or substances on leaves, stems and flowers may be a sign that the bug is there. Your garden center is a good source to help you identify and eradicate the little creatures.

Phalaenopsis Orchids Require Three Components

Phalaenopsis orchids are easy to care for which makes them popular indoor houseplants. They come in four different colors and need the right amounts of water, light and fertilizer to stay healthy and produce beautiful flowers.

The Right Plants For Your Flower Beds – How To Choose

Each spring when the days become sunny and warm, our thoughts turn to our gardens. For avid gardeners the urge to buy plants can be overwhelming. We will often buy plants with absolutely no thought as to where we will plant them.

Growing Orchids the Right Way

“Queen of Flowers” is a name synonymous with orchids. This royal title has come about through the ages because of their beauty and majestic appearance. These plants grow in different formations and bloom various hues.

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