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How to Care For Rose Bushes

When you think of the most beautiful and solemn events in our lives, the garnish of choice, more often than not, is the rose. Nothing compares to the rose in beauty or popularity; gardeners have been growing roses for thousands of years, and enjoying the elegance and fragrance that roses bring to the landscape.

Plant, Create and Feel the Magic in Your Garden

There is glory, there is peace, there is magic in the garden. After the cold and dreary months of winter, a walk in the garden can be a marvel. Take a look around the garden and see the Spring bulbs poking their heads out with a burst of green. The trees start to come to life after their winter slumber. The grass starts to turn green once again.

Bring Your Garden Indoors

Indoor Plants for Clean Air and Beauty Having indoor plants is not a new idea – and it is a great one that contributes to both purifying the air you breathe and adds character and interest to the rooms they are placed in. And, when you bring your garden indoors, you are able to continue your love of gardening in those winter months when snow and ice have closed up the outdoor opportunities.

Supplies For Your Hydroponic Garden – Where to Find Them

Hydroponic garden supplies do not have to be expensive. Most all can be purchased at discount stores. However, do not skimp on the nutrients.

Lawn and Garden Care – How to Make it Grow!

How do you get the lawn and garden care that you really want? A lot of people believe that maintaining a lawn is hard work. Actually, it is not that hard if you have the right help.

The Bonsai Pot

While it may not seem like a major part of the Bonsai experience, the pot is a very important element of the Bonsai. The visual appearance of the Bonsai pot is an integral part of the design concept of the Bonsai. Color, shape and size of the pot, must be kept in proper relationship to the color and size of the Bonsai.

Creating Your Own Custom Garden Arrangement

The idea of this project is to create a beautiful and safe spot for your new miniature garden. With your new garden, you can be as creative as you want, transforming it into any way you see fit.

Growing Blueberries at Home – Container Gardening

In the last year or so, blueberries have gained international attention as a “super food”, full of healthy nutrients and anti-oxidants. The research behind these findings is well documented. Because of this attention, the demand for blueberries has never been higher, thus the cost of blueberries has never been higher.

Hydroponic Gardening – Build a Hydroponic Garden With Your Children

A simple system for teaching your children about hydroponic gardening. Teach them the joys of growing their own vegetables.

Produce Simple Herbal Remedies From Your Garden

One might think why one should plant their own herbs when you can just pop in to the closest supermarket and get your pick of the herbs available, but if you find out the advantages of freshly growing herbs indoors in your own backyard then you will think again on the idea specially if I point out some of the advantages: The first advantage is being assured of the freshness and quality of the herb that you add in your cooking after picking it right from your backyard instead of something that you bought from a store. Secondly, you would be able to enjoy a hobby that brings tranquility and freshness to many people’s live…

Gardening Bulbs – 6 Important Steps of the Garden Soil Preparation

Steps and advices about garden soil preparation that you need to follow before gardening bulbs. You will learn about soil types, correct weeding procedure and mulching.

Organic Gardening – Improve Soil Structure and Conserve Water

Humate is a product that has many environment friendly benefits. It’s natural organics wont pollute the air we breath and the water we drink. It helps to create a soil environment that allows the natural organisms that exist in soils to become strong and healthy to aid in the removal of toxins, not create pollution like chemicals do.

Organic Gardening – Why Do More and More People Go Organic?

Organic gardening and farming offers a sustainable and ethical way of growing our food and interacting with Mother Nature so that every new generation can really profit from the benefits. Organically grown, healthy and wholesome food will nourish generations to come if consumer’s and farmer’s minds are open for its potential and organic awareness strengthens within the global community.

Do You Really Need a Fountain in Your Garden?

Most people desiring a fountain in their garden, are visualising the serene benefits of the natural ambience it offers. Indeed, being around some water scene, can imbue you with much positive energy, just living in a garden with a fountain, or water feature has a kind of meditative effect to it, whether you are aware of it, or not. Fountains are also beneficial to people into Thai-Chi, yoga, or meditation, the contiguous sound of the water being a needful constant, allowing them to more clearly focus on what they’re doing.

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