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Tips to Help Grow Upside Down Tomatoes – How to Correctly Prepare Your Container

Growing your own tomatoes in a traditional garden setting can make them vulnerable to pests and disease. They are also totally accessible to creatures such as squirrels and mice that have a tendency to eat your lovely ripe tomatoes before you get the chance to harvest them. A simple and effective way to avoid this is to grow upside down tomatoes.

The Secrets of Container Garden Designing

The first and most important secret of container gardening design is realising that the final resting place of the gardening container itself, will decide what sorts of plants you can use. This must be done depending on their preferences of soil, light, moisture and of course, the size of the container.

The Meaning of Rose Flowers Based on Colour

Roses are grown in any colour you can think of. Because of this, colour have taken on meanings. For example on St. Valentines Day, roses can express true love and true feelings. Meanings not only are expressed through their colours, but also depending on how many flowers are given.

Fragrant Roses

From over hundreds of different species descend all the other varieties currently cultivated as cut flowers or flowers for gardens, which are hybrids of different origins. Roses can be distinguished from their display (shrub roses, ground covers and climbing roses), or according to their genealogy (Tea, hybrid Tea, that are the most popular type of roses and finally the hybrid Canina), or finally between roses that bloom only one time a year and those that bloom every six weeks.

Small Garden Design – Three Herbs to Add to Your Design

Gardens don’t have to be all about flowers alone. Edible herbs can also fit will into almost any design. Here just three suggestions.

2 Examples of Organic Slug Traps

Slugs are invading more and more gardens every day. They are a real threat to all the plants in your garden, and if you do not take it serious, they can do a lot of damage in a very short time frame.

Dog Friendly Landscaping – Recommended Plants For Your Garden and Your Dog

If you own a dog, your garden will become part of their domain. Plants, landscaping, and other garden elements should be planned to coincide with your dog’s lifestyle, habits, and breed. Here are some recommended plants that will happily co exist with your dog…

How to Stop Slugs in Garden – 2 Easy Steps

Are you having problems with a lot of slugs in your garden and don’t know how to stop them from eating all your plants. You really need to take action before it gets out of control and all your favorite flowers and vegetables are gone. Read on to get two great tips on how to stop slugs in your garden.

Facts About Tulips

Some of the people, mostly from Holland undergoing this craze of Tulipomania had to even sell some of their fortunes. Tulips are very popular spring flowers, and the third most popular around the world next to the Rose and Chrysanthemum. There is a large variety including; different colours, different heights and different flower shapes.

Indoor Gardening

Indoor gardening is becoming more popular as technology improves and costs decrease for supplies and equipment. Growing indoors can be very rewarding and the results are absolutely fantastic when done correctly, that said, they can also be devastating when things go wrong. In this article I would like to dispel some myths about indoor gardening as well as give some tips for simple ways to improve your harvest.

Treating Rose Disease

Every gardener wants to prevent rose disease from occurring in order to have a garden full of healthy plants. Prevention of diseases is important, as is knowing how to identify problems as soon as they crop up.

Hosta Seneca

Hosta Seneca is a beautiful miniature Hosta plant. The tiny leaves of this plant are yellow green with a lighter green margin. This is a great plant for small gardens that can’t handle the larger Hosta varieties.

The Life Cycle of a Rose

So we thought it might be useful to look behind the scenes at where, exactly, your flowers come from. We’ve chosen roses as the example because roses are one of the most popular flowers worldwide. The following is the life cycle of a rose…

Chrysanthemum (Indicum Group) ‘Fuego’

The big and flashy strong leaves and the fleshy stem make it particularly suitable for export. This bicoloured chrysanthemum is very popular, especially in Eastern Europe where large flowers are popular. The Chrysanthemum is a very old plant.

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