Decorate Your Christmas Tree for the Birds

Expanding Water Crystals for Gardens, Smelly Jelly, and Decor! A Remarkable Idea for Enjoyment Too!

Water Crystals polymer is odorless water-absorbing polymers used every day in such diverse applications as planting/transplanting trees and shrubs, gardening gel, crafts, flower and vegetable gardens, indoor plants, potting, gel ice, evaporative coolers like: ties, bandanas, clothing, cool pads and pet coolers, lawns, sod farms, hillside planting, erosion control, and cosmetics. These little water crystals absorb up to 400 times their weight in water, and expand to make beautiful clear gel-like water crystals. 1 oz. of material will absorb over 1 gallon of water.

Get Healthy by Planting a Vegetable Garden and Save Money on Your Grocery Bill

Planting a vegetable garden is a great way to spend time after a hard stressful day at work and at the same time getting in touch with nature. You will also take great pride in watching your hard labour develop day by day with an end result to be proud of and you will also improve your health by eating more healthily and at the same time lessen you food expenses.

Vegetarian Food Diet, Healthy Food for Healthy Living

This guide will show vegetarians how to grow their own vegetables efficiently. They will learn how to choose land for their garden, proper drainage, optimum garden sizes, and necessary tools to use. Readers will be able to enjoy healthy lifestyles through growing their own vegetables.

A Beginners Guide to Caring for Perennials

If you are planning your first garden or planting a new garden, taking care of your perennials is one of your most important tasks. Here’s a quick guide that explains four easy techniques for keeping a well-groomed garden.

Hosta Plants

These versatile plants love the shade, wet conditions and you can propagate them very easily. Find out about these hugely popular perennial and ways you can include it in your garden.

Hydroponics in Brief

For me Hydroponics is an art that takes time to grasp and is a never ending learning experience. I play the guitar (like Jimmy Hendrix!, “I wish”) which took me years to learn and a lot of days of sore fingers and I am still learning. For me Hydroponics is so similar and addictive. You can still get your hands dirty and you can still use the power of the sun instead of indoor lights.

Growing an Amaryllis Indoors

They are so lovely! Those gorgeous amaryllises! They come in some many great colors too, with colors that combine pinks and reds with white, they can brighten any room!

Steps for Making Your Own Herb Garden

Setting up your herb garden is a rewarding endeavor, the fact they contributes lots of benefits as against ordinary plants. If you compare herbs with other crops, they surpassed in terms of their medicinal value, economic use, and decorative advantages. Additionally, herbs also helps control some common insect pests in your garden, due to their repellents’ characteristics that ward-off destructive pests and destroys your veggies and flowers.

Getting Rid Of Oxalis In Lawns

Getting Rid Of Oxalis and Clover in lawns and gardens can be a tricky job for most homeowners and lawn lovers. Getting Rid of Oxalis and all the other weeds in lawns can be achieved in one (1) of three (3) ways: using the Physical method of weed control, using the Chemical method of weed control, using the Cultural methods of weed control.

Propagation Mats and Soil Cables

Although these two items are used in a slightly different manner, they accomplish the same thing. They will heat your soil which will assist in faster and more efficient seed germination, fewer unsprouted seeds and healthier seedlings. The heat that radiates into the root area also helps to produce a stronger root structure for a hardier plant.

Zoysia Grass

It’s always a good idea to be looking for eco-friendly products that can save on maintenance, reduce the use of toxic chemicals and provide a better home-life for the homeowners. Although Zoysia Grass is a fantastic eco-friendly product, there are some negative aspects you should be aware of. To help you make your choice, refer the list of advantages and disadvantages below to see if this turf is genuinely a good option for you.

Raised Bed Vegetable Gardening

What is raised bed vegetable gardening and why are so many people interested in it? Basically, it means planting vegetables that are not directly in the ground.

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