Decorate Your Outdoor Space with Succulents!

Butterfly Weed (Asclepias Tuberosa)

The extremely colorful butterfly weed can be a butterfly magnetic field, luring numerous types of butterflies to its vibrant flowers. A perennial herb indigenous to North America from South Ontario and Minnesota to New York, south to Florida and also in Colorado.

How To Turn Seeds Into Tomatoes

When you decide to venture into tomato gardening, there are pretty much only two ways through which you can see your plan come to fruition. You can either, buy seedlings and proceed to replant them or you can cultivate your own tomatoes from a scratch, scratch here being from the seed stage to the plant stage. There are assorted species of tomatoes, so it goes without saying that there are seeds for most, if not all, of the tomato varieties.

HPS Grow Lights And Your Indoor Garden

Sunlight is key to a plant to grow normally. When growing plants indoors, it is very important to ensure that plants get adequate sunlight.

Various Ways to Plant Up Your Herb Garden

Ideas for planting up a herb garden and how to do it in different ways so that you get the full nutritional value of fresh herbs and how to grow enough for your needs. The interesting part about growing herbs is that they can be grown indoors for everyday use or outdoors for those that are not used on a daily basis. Find out more about what to do.

The Essence of Grape Vine Cultivation

People love grapes for a variety of reasons. Some love them for taste while some adore them because they are excellent ingredients to be used in a lot of food products. As a matter of a fact, people see revenue in them and as a result of this way of thinking; people are starting to learn how to grow grapes. If you are a beginner you will most likely find yourself faced with the question on where you should start first. To answer that question, you should start with grape vine cultivation.

Growing Roses From Cuttings – 3 Effective Methods

By growing roses from cuttings you can save money or even make money. Taking rose cuttings is the most commonly used method of reproducing roses. It is also the most inexpensive and straightforward way to produce new rose plants. There are 3 very effective methods to grow roses from cuttings.

The Facts To Know About Growing Grapes From Seed

Growing grapes from seed is not easy, but many would like to do it. Why? Perhaps because of the satisfaction they get from the process. The emotional reward of the hard work is truly something to look forward to.

Sowing Hardy Annuals Plant

Newcomers to gardening sometimes get a little worried about sowing seeds but it really isn’t that difficult. And sowing hardy annuals is just the same as sowing vegetables or sowing any seeds outside so once you’ve got the bang of it you can grow an enormous range of hardy plants. These are the points to bear in mind.

Looking After Birds This Winter

With winter now arriving its a good time to think about some of the garden birds that stay with us throughout the winter months. While many of their cousins fly south for the winter, a whole host of native birds stay put and have to endure the cod winter months just as we do, and what would winter be like without the robins, tits and finches? It is not easy for the native bird-life during this time of year, though.

Worm Composter: Basic Worm Bin Care

Earthworms have played and have been playing a major rule in our environment today; and has been used for so many things (their castings or worm poop or black gold can be used as an organic fertilizer, and can also be used as live animal feed or as fish bait). So what better way than to give back to them by providing them that much needed basic worm bin care.

Growing A Grape When You Have Limited Space

Growing a grape in a container is possible! So even if you have a very limited space at home, you can surely grow grapes with ease. Pots surely are helpful. Learn how to plant grapes in pots properly and success is yours to enjoy.

Red Worm 101: What to Feed Red Wigglers

When you’re raising red worms, there’s always a common question raised when it comes to what to feed red wigglers. What do you exactly feed red worms? Well, you can actually nourish them with organic scraps, those of which have been generated on a regular basis. You can feed them a selection of household wastes that can still be recycled, like kitchen and yard scraps. To know a little more of the kinds of food that your worms can eat, read on below.

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