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Winter Gardening – Now Comes the Fun Part!

Unlike many gardeners, I actually love the beginning of winter. Yes, there are some jobs that need to be done in the garden, but it’s also an opportunity to curl up in front of a warm fire with a perfect excuse to stay indoors (if you happen to live in a part of the world where it’s cold, dark and raining!), consider what worked and what didn’t over the past gardening year, and begin to plan what you’ll try next year.

Essential Tea Herb Gardening

Today, people are getting increasingly aware of the importance of keeping one’s body healthy and the vitamins and supplements market has reached a height of $6.1 billion in 2007 (Packaged Facts, Nutritional Supplements in the US). But what has this got to do with tea herb gardening?

Winter Greenhouse Gardening Tips

Greenhouse gardening can be a fun and rewarding hobby, especially if you live in a climate that permits you to use your greenhouse all year long. We’ve got some important information to consider if you’re preparing for winter greenhouse gardening.

Top 10 Plants to Plant Indoors

Growing plant indoors would be easier if you know which house plants are the most suitable for indoor growing and which will look good inside even with the littlest care and attention. To find which plants are these, read this article.

How Cool is a Windowsill Herb Garden?

Herbs always end up in the kitchen so wouldn’t it be more convenient to create them in the kitchen? Perhaps on top of your kitchen windowsill! You may wonder if a windowsill herb garden is a good idea, since the plants will be exposed to a great deal of sun. Sun is good for plants, especially for certain herbal products. The windowsill garden is easy to make, cheap to make, fun to smell and of course, very conveniently located. When you create a windowsill herb garden your plants are all in one place and can be set in easy to carry containers or pots.

Beginning Gardener

This article will go over how to start a garden from scratch. This is for the beginning home gardener or the gardener at heart.

The Use of Carbon Dioxide in Your Greenhouse

Carbon dioxide plays a major part during the phase of photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is the chemical process where light is changed over into carbon dioxide in green plants. As the main aim to many of you that do run greenhouses, it would be in pushing up the levels of dry matter as well as optimizing growth and this would then improve the growth as well as the vigor of your production.

Building an Easy Compost Bin For Every Gardening Enthusiast

A compost bin is quite essential for gardening and if you are the least bit handy, building one is really quite easy. If you want to provide your plants with non-chemical, but natural nourishment then you will want to make a compost bin for your home garden use. This handy item helps in so many ways and one of the ones that most people are aware of is that these bins help to free your home from household and garden waste while providing you with an inexpensive source of nourishing food for your little baby plants.

How to Speed Up Composting

One of the biggest problems with composting is that it isn’t a particularly fast process. Read the rest to learn more.

Greenhouse Lean – The Phrase to Remember

“Greenhouse lean”, this is the phrase to remember if you are struggling with space in which to turn your dream into a reality when it comes to getting started in greenhouse gardening. We don’t all have the space in which to have a huge greenhouse in our gardens.

The Joy of Sprouting in Your Kitchen

Sprouts are an amazing food. In the dead of winter, you can brave the weather, get through the snow and cold, head into the grocery store, buy a few greens of lettuce, cucumber and even a hothouse tomato. Of course, these may have been grown 2000 miles away, be slightly wilted, have few vitamins by the time they reach you and not taste nearly how they would at the peak of their season. But you have to take what is available, right?

Intuitive and Aesthetic Evergreen Herb Garden Designs For Home Herb Gardens

Light up your dull life with some color. Green color being nature’s favorite color for the trees and forests, design and plan an evergreen herb garden with a ‘green and red’ or ‘green and yellow’ theme. Spring brings exuberance that peaks with the full bloom of the flowers and herbs. Summer heat urges plants in the ‘Theme Gardens’ to invite you to touch soft green textured leaves; get fresh, cool air and breathe exotic aromas from your home herb garden. Autumn’s shorter days bring the Nasturtiums into bloom and cover pepper plants with fiery red colored fruits. If you decide to have an evergreen herb garden at home the question arises how do you go about designing it.

You Should Definitely Consider Building a Greenhouse

If you have a green thumb, like to grow your own vegetables or just enjoy being surrounded by beautiful flowers all-year-round then you should definitely consider a greenhouse. It takes time and effort to plant something, nurture it while shielding it from the effects of rain, wind and sun, not to mention the never-ending war against weeds. Why not do this in the controlled environment offered by a greenhouse?

Do Anything, But Don’t Forget Your Rose Bush Care

If you want to grow indoor trees and rose bushes care should be taken to ensure that you pick the right variety for you. Most people choose small, easy to maintain plants in the hopes that there will be little work involved; however, plants are living things and will require at least some attention and work. Whether you choose a tree or a rose, you will have to do some light pruning to your plant. Usually, on indoor plants, this consists of cutting out dead or diseased parts of the plant and during dormant seasons, cutting the plants back some.

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