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How to Grow Knockout Roses in 5 Steps

New to Knockout Roses? I had no idea growing these things could be so simple. I just started only a few years ago, and never thought that I had any gardening talent. Just 5 steps and you’re on your way to being a professional.

Building a Worm Compost – Your Wormery Worms Will Die Without This

So you’re making a worm compost. Worms are great when they’re working for you, but there are a lot of things that wormery composters overlook when it comes to the well being of their worms.

Vermicomposting Systems – Use the Right Compost System to Produce the Best Compost

There are lots of composting systems out there, but vermicomposting systems produce the richest compost and they are the easiest to maintain in your own backyard. Vermicomposting systems is just another way to say wormery compost.

Attracting Bees to Your Garden

The importance of bees to the world’s ecosystem is well documented and over the past few years is getting increasing attention in main stream media. This is mainly down to a collapse in the bee population. Colony Collapse Disorder or CCD has devastated the bee population in the US and Europe.

Lakeview Jasmine – Best Growing Method For Maximum Foliage and Fragrant Blooms

If trimmed, you can maintain a shape and size that blends perfectly with your garden theme. Like many other tropical plants, its leaves are glossy green.

Making a Wormery With Stuff You Already Own!

The first thing we need to find is a container. This can be a plastic tub, a metal box, etc. What is important is that it is cannot absorb or decompose easily like say, a cardboard box. We want our container, we call this a compost bin, to be about one foot tall and anywhere from 4 feet by 4 feet to 5 by 5.

Advertising Your Lawn Care Business

A lot of people think that they have to start from scratch when it comes to marketing their lawn care business. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, it is much easier than you think.

Basic Garden Composting Tips

You’ve often heard the call to help the environment by recycling. Garden hobbyists have a great opportunity to heed this call and at the same time have a healthy garden that can give them great looking flowers and tasty vegetables and fruits. Everyone who is into gardening has most probably heard about the benefits of composting.

Save Yourself Money, Save the Environment – Making a Worm Compost

Each and every year, households across the world send hundreds or even thousands of pounds of organic waste to city and local garbage dumps. This waste sits out and rots, attracting bacteria and disease. And this is on top of the basic fact that it fills up our garbage dumps leaving an unsightly sore in our city landscapes.

A Rotary Petrol Lawnmower – Best Choice For a Family Garden

If you are considering buying a Petrol Lawnmower, no doubt you are wondering which of the huge number of models on the market would be right for your needs. If you have a family, with children who love to play on the lawn, or you entertain a lot, having friends around for barbecues and so on in the summer, your best choice for mower type must be a Rotary one.

Tomatoes – How to Start Growing Them

Tomatoes just have to be one of the most popular vegetables grown today.There are so many varieties around which allow us to grow them in many different ways, including greenhouses, hanging baskets, and patio pots.

The Different Types of Cultivators

Garden Cultivators are tools that are used to break up the soil to prepare it for planting. Breaking up the soil allows for water, air, and other nutrients to get to the roots of the plant. It also helps decrease the amount of weeds that grow around the plants. If weeds do grow, they are much easier to remove from cultivated soil.

Garden Irrigation – Which System is Right For Your Small Garden Design?

One area of small garden design that is often overlooked in the planning stages is irrigation. Planning for how you are going to get water to your new plants is important because the plants you choose to include in your small garden design may very well have different needs than the rest of your backyard landscape. In some cases, depending on where you are locating your new garden and the plants you choose, your existing irrigation system will work just fine.

Help Your Plants Breathe – Use a Garden Cultivator

Have you noticed as you plant a small flower bed or a five acre field, it is always the weeds that always grow faster than whatever seeds you have you have planted. To keep the weed battle from being victorious, you absolutely must keep turning the soil over.

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