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How Much Light Does My Particular Variety Of Orchid Need?

Basically orchids can be divided into three main groups regarding light requirement: ‘high’, ‘medium’ and ‘low’ light plants. Find out which group your plant fits into.

Storing Vegetables In Sacks

Potatoes are best stored in purpose made, double thickness paper sacks available from garden centers because they keep out light and yet allow the movement of air that reduces the chances of rotting. Potatoes must be kept dark in a place where the temperature does not dip below, so an insulated shed or garage is ideal. A few crops, including onions, shallots, garlic, marrows or large zucchini, pumpkins and cabbages, can be successfully stored in open mesh nets. Hang up the nets in a well ventilated, frost free, dry place such as garage.

Which Tomato Should I Grow?

The key to growing good tomatoes means having an understanding of tomatoes. If a tomato was a person and had a personality then it could be summed up like this. Tomato plants are greedy for food and water, fussy, constantly in an unkempt state, prone to illness, disinclined to perform, yet very lovable just the same. Get it right and you will be rewarded with quality tomatoes you simply cannot buy in stores anywhere.

Feeding Birds In The Winter

Feeding birds in the winter is a very important, more so nowadays as you may be saving their lives. Every year it is getting harder and harder for birds to find enough food.

Harvesting Vegetables

A well planned kitchen garden will have a succession of crops that are ready to pick over a long period. The best time to harvest vegetables varies, of course, but the following guide will help you pick your vegetables in their prime. Pick peas when the pods swell and they have reached their full length. Harvest mangetout snow peas as soon as the blossom drops and pods are about 3 inches long. Pick sugar snap peas as the peas are just starting to form, but before the pods swell. Pick over all pea plants regularly to ensure a continuous supply.

Storing Vegetables

If you have a glut of vegetables at the end of the season or want to have a continuity of supply throughout the winter, there are a number of techniques you can use to store them successfully. Although many vegetables can be stores in the freezer, it is best to save this method for crops that freeze particularly well and those that cannot be stored in any other way, because freezer space is usually limited. Some vegetables can be stored for short periods in the crisper drawer at the bottom of the refrigerator, where leafy crops such as lettuce can be kept for a fortnight or more, again, space will be limited.

Caring for Orchids – Proper Orchid Care

If you want a stunning flower then you might be looking at growing orchids in your garden. While these flowers are gorgeous you must also know that they have very specific needs. As a matter of fact when caring for orchids you must put in a little more work than most flowers.

Top Three Reasons You Should Buy a Cold Frame This Year

Living in a region of the country where winters are cold, the desire for fresh garden vegetables is unrealized unless you are using a cold frame to extend the growing season. Depending on the region of the country, salad greens and even more delicate plants can keep producing all winter long in a cold frame. Placed along a south wall of the house or garage, it captures the sun’s warmth and provides the ideal growing location.

Two Basic Methods of Grape Vine Growing

There are foundational ways of growing grape vines. Grape vine growing can be done with grape seeds though it is more common that they are cultivated out of mature vines. Regardless of your choice, you will yield grapes that are equally good and bountiful.

Making Compost

I enjoy many different types of recycling and different methods of helping the environment and making a better place for future generations. I’ve written the following article to help inform you of how to do home composting successfully. Many people explain how to recycle products like mobile phones, ink cartridges and other products but I will explain how to successfully have a home compost. I hope you find this informative and useful.

4 Helpful Tips for Growing Grapes at Home

Need some helpful hints on growing your own grapes right at home? Well here are 4 essential grape growing tips to follow.

Meyer Lemon Tree

Originated in China and brought to USA in 1940’s, Meyer Lemon Tree has all the characteristic to be a part of your home garden. This 6-10 feet tall tree has shiny thick green leaves, flowers are long white petals with purple base and yellow center, and the lemon fruits, when ripe, are deep yellow with orange tinge. The leaves and the fruit have enchanting sweet acidic fragrance. Juice from its fruits is citrus and highly appetizing… This ornamental plant is highly decorative and compact for container growing.

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