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Dealing With Pests in the Garden

The most frustrating thing when having a garden is dealing with pests. There’s nothing worst than going to your garden in the morning and seeing plants destroyed. Everyone wants to have a beautiful garden and in order to keep it that way, you must keep pests out.

Container Gardening

There are some circumstances that you will need to find an alternative way to growing plants than the typical garden. If you live in an apartment or have limited space in the yard, consider container gardening. Container gardening is basically growing plants in the container.

Butterfly Gardening

When people think of gardening, vegetables always comes to mind first. Beside using a garden for planting vegetables, it can be used for other things too. If you are into butterfly, you should consider butterfly gardening.

Vegetable Gardening

If you want to save money and have fresh vegetables to eat, consider starting your own vegetable garden. It’s not as hard as most people think.

Enviromesh – Garden Netting For Total Protection Against Insects

Enviromesh insect netting/mesh will protect fruit and vegetables from insects, small animals and weather damage? Here, you can find information on enviromesh, the best crop cover on the market.

What Kinds of Flower Seeds Will Bloom in the Winter?

Winter gardening is a great way to add a little spring cheer to the long cold months. Starting a winter garden is usually carried out before the first frost hits. There are a number of flowers that will bloom during the cold and harsh months. When choosing which flower seeds you will purchase, it is important to know which flowers will bloom in rough weather conditions such as extreme cold.

Growing Herbs Indoors in Containers

This article focuses on the conditions you will have to watch in order to succeed when growing herbs indoors in containers. It mentions that light is perhaps the most important factor. Container size and appropriate drainage condition is another important factor, and soil moist is also important.

Best Herb Garden Plants

If you already know pruning your herbal plants and you do master it, now you should be ready in choosing the best herb garden plants. Do not be afraid if you are just a new beginner to this because here you will find the basics but the best herb garden plants you needed to know.

Planting – Basic Herb Garden Tips

Most people hesitate to start an herb garden because they think that planting basic herb garden is difficult. Starting an herb garden can be easy with the right guide and garden plan. Before anything else, you should decide between backyard gardening or container gardening. Once you’ve made the pick, you can proceed without having many problems.

How to Establish Your Container Garden

Vegetable production is not only applicable in the countryside or in the gardens but can be grown now within the heart of the city or just in your home even with only a limited space. If your home has an area with ample sunlight – a requirement for growing vegetables, you can grow them successfully.

Assessing Herb Garden Light Requirements

This article was intended to let you know that your herb garden light requirements will depend on the herbs you decide to grow. Some herbs will grow in a shady ambient and some require more sunlight. You will have to evaluate the amount of light available in your place, so you can decide what herbs to grow in order to get a healthy herb garden.

How to Preserve Your Herbs For Future Use

You’ll notice that when you have a surplus of your herbs, it’s hard to preserve them for future use because you don’t know what to do with them. Well, don’t panic, to avoid your herbs just going to waste, you can easily preserve them by simply following these simple steps…

How Composting Can Improve Your Garden and the Environment

Composting has many benefits for all gardeners and gardens. It also can improve the environment in several ways you may not be aware of. Learn about the many reasons to start composting, whether you are an experienced composter or are just trying to decide about composting.

How to Grow and Maintain Asparagus

An annual plant, asparagus is a delicacy especially made for the kitchen lovers of fresh vegetables. It’s delicious taste is very in demand for every household and become a part of the ingredients for every vegetable you cook. It’s a sun loving plant that it thrives best and grows vigorously when grown in full sunlight exposure. Asparagus is a hardy plant and well adapted when planted in early spring.

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