Deer Resistant Foliage – Remember these 3 Fs

Cotinus – How to Grow Your Very Own Smokebush

Cotinus, or ‘Smoke Bush’, is a truly beautiful shrub that will add colour and contrast to the garden. Foliage can range from zingy lime green to the deepest plum purple, depending on your preference, and always makes for a true spectacle. Plants will flower after warm summers producing a white haze, hence the name smoke bush.

Adding A Butterfly Garden To Your Yard

Butterflies are very interesting creatures and a great addition to any backyard garden. Providing a welcoming environment for butterflies will attract them and provide you with an opportunity to observe these beautiful parts of nature right in your own yard.

How to Construct a Grape Trellis

When it comes to creating a grape trellis, they can be as decorative as you wish them to be. For a commercial setting, a trellis is created from upright poles with wires strung up in between them. Then the grape vine is trained to grow up the stakes at least four feet apart from each other.

Cistus – Tips for Growing a Sun Rose

Would you like to know how to successfully grow Cistus or Rock Rose? This article provides tips and information that will ensure your plant reaches its full potential.

How to Select the Right Wine Grapes for Your Vineyard

Growing the right grapes for wine making will take experience and a well-rounded sense of taste. There are different factors you must take into consideration in order to determine what will be the right grapes for your vineyard. In order to start the wine making process, you will want to get to know the different grape varieties first.

These Are the Best Tomatoes – And Here Is Why

Also, while most tomatoes are red in color, there are also those which are more oriented toward orange and yellow. In fact, yellow pear tomatoes are quite popular in the Fall and Winter months while red and orange are more popular during the Summer.

Guide To Growing Tomatoes In Containers

This brief guide to growing tomatoes in containers will provide an introduction to novice gardeners on the best methods to use to be successful at growing tomatoes using containers. It covers the entire process from choosing which tomato variety to grow, to fertilization and choosing a suitable container.

The Biggest Elephant Ear in the World – Colocasia Gigantea Thailand Giant Strain

When was Thailand Giant Strain discovered? Colocasia gigantea Thailand Giant Strain was discovered in 2003 by former Plant Delights research manager Dr. Petra Schmidt.

The Hibiscus Bonsai Is A Thing Of Beauty That Will Last Forever

The hibiscus bonsai responds excellently to bonsai techniques. You can make this plant look like a replica of the full-grown version, in miniature form. The plant can be cultivated to represent a beautiful miniature bonsai, even though the methods used are artistic, because the plant can easily be molded to look like a bonsai.

Key Information About Epidendrum Orchids

Learn the key factors to growing healthy Epidendrum Orchids. This article outlines firstly the various orchid categories and secondly provides a step by step description for providing the ideal growing conditions for your orchid.

The Many Purpose of Commercial Planters

An indoor or outdoor planter is widely used in business establishments to dress up the plants and flowers that they decorate in their surroundings. These planter boxes are priced higher than most residential planters because they can serve many purposes aside from adding beauty to a place. They also have distinctive looks that are neat and elegant to fully complement the area where they will be installed or placed.

Understanding How To Water Orchids

One of the main things in growing orchids is the correct amount of water. Your specie of orchids might require a different amount of water than some other types of orchids. Understanding orchids and their environment is helpful watering orchids.

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