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Urban Tree Planting & Investment Guide

Planting trees on your property will ad value and equity to your home. Planting a new tree can be simple or complicated. It can involve landscapers designers heavy equipment and expense or you can buy a tree on sale for a few bucks, bring it home plant it in the lawn and walk away. Certainly, you’ll never be sorry for planting a tree especially after you see it grow large and strong.

Organic Rose Gardening is Not an Easy Option

The first thing to understand about organic gardening, especially with roses, is that it isn’t going to be an easy option. Growing roses by this method must start with the careful selection of the varieties of roses that you’re going to purchase. Unfortunately, there are many varieties of roses not suited to growing organically, simply because they are too prone to disease or pest attacks. Trying to grow these less than hardy varieties organically would be making life unbearably difficult for yourself.

Tasty Tea Plants From Your Own Tea Herb Garden

Tea can take you away. Sweet ice tea with a touch of lemon evokes images of sultry summers in the South. A steaming cup of jasmine tea can transport you to the Orient. Here’s a list of only a few of the tasty teas you can grow in your own garden.

Freezing Harvested Herbs

Freezing garden herbs is a quick and easy method of preserving herbs for future use. Drying herbs with low moisture content, such as parsley, cilantro or dill, is an efficient method of preserving herbs but for some herbs with higher moisture content, such as basil or mint, freezing may be a more optimal solution for preservation.

Tips For Climbing Roses Care

Growing Climbing roses… it’s the one exercise that must be included to complete a garden. The climbing rose, which may also be referred to as ramblers, everblooming roses, pillars, and trailing roses are actually not classified as vines.

How Do I Know When to Plant Roses?

There is no set rule as to when to plant roses and for beginners, it’s probably the first problem they’ll encounter. Though there is a general season, it all depends on where in the world you live. Depending on whether you’ll plant bare-root roses or container grown plants will have an effect on when to plant roses.

Where the Wild Things Grow – Native Plants in New England Gardens

Many gardens have been the culprit in introducing invasive plants. Native species are beautiful, easy to care for and better for habitat protection.

Hogweed – An Invasive Plant With a Nasty Sap

Invasive plants can force native species out and up set an eco-system. Some, like Giant Hogweed, can also be a hazard.

Cutting Roses

Roses are beautiful flowers, both outside and inside. One of the joys of having rose bushes in your garden is when you cut a few of them and bring them inside to brighten up your home. Not only do roses brighten up your home, but they make it smell nice as well.

Here’s the Lowdown For Growing Miniature Roses

To grow roses successfully can be tough for the uninitiated, but growing miniature roses is another story. Not to say it is much more difficult, which would be a logical deduction as most would assume that anything miniature is more fragile. It is actually the other way around. Growing miniature roses is quite easy as they’re one of the hardier rose plants around.

The Rose Bush Planting Secrets No One Else Will Tell You

Rose bush planting requires much more than merely digging a hole and adding fertilizer. As with most things in life, location is of utmost importance when planting your roses. Just as location may dictate success in real estate, where you decide to plant may make the difference between success and failure.

Herb Gardening is Easy!

If your thinking of starting your own herb garden, don’t delay! Its so rewarding!

Medicinal Home Herb Garden

Information about medical herbs, since when they are been used in the earth, common medicinal herbs that you can grow at home, benefits of herbal remedies against secondary effects of pharmaceutical drugs. Medicinal herbs have been used for thousand of years and are famous for their effectiveness in a lot of illness.

Great Herb Garden Information

A guide to growing, planting and caring for flavorful and healthy herbs. Previously you begin this adventure, sooner than you plant a single herb, you must consider why you would like an herb garden.

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