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5 Things to Know Before You Buy a Compost Bin

Before you can even start composting, you have to choose which compost bin to use. Your decision will have to be based on which type of compost to make: newspapers, grass clippings, food leftovers, or a mixture of all.

Indoor Hydroponic Gardening – The Answer to Gardening When You Cannot Grow Outside!

Are you an avid gardener? Are you having trouble finding an area to grow your plants outside? Maybe you live in an apartment and do not have any ground available to use so that you can be an outdoor gardener.

Avoid Tomato Growing Problems by Timing the Planting of Seedlings Correctly

Growing your own tomatoes at home is great, but many people still have problems growing tomatoes as one of the main thing is the correct timing of planting their seedlings. In this article you will find some useful and simple steps to avoid such problems.

The Culinary Garden

Are you a keen and enthusiastic cook with a penchant for fresh herbs? Then a must have is a kitchen garden that is handy, be it in pots, containers or just out the back door. It makes life so much easier if the herbs are easy and convenient for harvesting when you need them.

The Passion Vine Red and Purple, Blooms Quickly, Covers Fence and Walls

There are two ways of growing a passion vine, is from seed and cutting. You want to grow the plant where it receives 4-5 hours of sunlight. The soil should be rich in organic matter and well drained.

Tips to Help You Attract Birds to Your Garden

If you want to attract birds to your garden then you need to provide them with food and water, shelter and somewhere they can nest. By just providing them with these things you will soon start to see a wide variety of birds visiting your garden.

Gardening Information – Benefits Of Gardening For Kids

As a child I was raised on a couple of farms in central Idaho, before I was old enough to drive a tractor or ride a horse I was in the garden with my mother and grandmother. gardening gives your child the chance to see results from his or her own efforts which builds self esteem. Being in the garden or even working with container gardening gives children a hands on environmentally sound activity that helps to develop a sense of belonging to the planet and the community.

Rose Planting the Easy Way

There are many considerations for rose planting beyond how deep the hole should be and what fertilizer to use. And the most important is the location.

Tips on How to Grow Tomatoes Successfully

There are several basic factors that will either make or break your success when growing tomatoes. These are only simple steps to carry out, but they are quite critical when it comes to taking them because if not done correctly the chance of growing tomatoes successfully is compromised.

Pruning Rose Bushes For Healthy Roses

In nearly every country rose bushes have survived and flourished. Roses are indeed some of the most beautiful plants, they are very popular with many gardening enthusiasts. With just a little gardening knowledge like pruning rose bushes you will have healthier roses that will grow with vigor and fight off disease.

Hydroponics – The Top 10 Reasons to Consider Hydroponic Gardening

Are you having difficulty deciding whether or not to try your hand at hydroponic gardening? I was, too, until I discovered these ten great reasons to give hydroponics a try. Maybe you will be convinced, like I was.

Want a Bumper Crop of Tomatoes?

If you want a bumper crop of tomatoes this year, start by following these few starter tips. Tomatoes are easy to grow. But, you can make some mistakes and not get much produce from your plants. Getting them off to a good start is important.

Best Growing Tomatoes – 3 Tips on How to Save Tomato Plants During a Frost

Growing tomatoes are the most sought out vegetable for a home gardener. There is something special about trying to produce the best growing tomatoes possible and eating the ripe fruit straight out of the garden – particularly the cherry or grape variety! Nothing compares to the taste of a tomato that has ripened on the vine. It is important to protect and save these sun loving tomato plants during a frost.

Landscape Maintenance – Less is a Better Option!

Face it, we all have busy lives today and it is nice when we can do something to make it a little easier. One of the things we can do to make our lives a little less stressful is to install low maintenance landscaping.

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