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How to Properly Raise an Aloe Vera Plant

Growing aloe vera is not a hard job especially if you prepare and learn the things that you need to do in order to take care of your plant. Aloe vera is also beneficial to your health since you can use its gel to heal burns.

Medicinal Herb Garden Plan For Family’s Health

A medicinal herb garden plan is really in handy if you plan to start planting the preferred medicinal herbs. Among the herbs frequently grown are parsley, thyme, peppermint, basil, and sage. There are many herbs used for medicinal purposes and with the herb garden plan, it will be easier to get started. The ancient people used herbs for healing and so the effectiveness is no longer in question.

Bonsai Tree Information – General Information About Bonsai

Bonsai is the art of growing miniature trees, originating in China but getting its distinctively famous spirit from Japan. The tradition of bonsai in the form in which it is popular today can be traced back to 1800. It is a horticultural practice that literally captures the majesty and grandeur of trees in a pot.

Vermicomposting – What is Vermicomposting?

One of the most amazing sources of compost is through a process called vermicomposting. Here are a few ways you can start your own very simple vermicomposting system.

5 Simple Steps – How to Care For Your Beautiful Roses

Many breeds of roses require special maintenance and care in order to grow well and healthy and continue to produce buds and blooms throughout the growing season. Though maintenance is required, you will soon enjoy the hours spent caring for your roses when the first beautiful blooms appear each year. The rose is an elegant beautiful flower and with the right attention it can become a beautiful addition to any garden.

Windows Are Showcases For House Plants

Take a tip from jewelers who know how to display their gems effectively in brightly lighted windows. Plants, too, sparkle when they’re set in the showcase of your windows. Light makes the colors of bloom and foliage all the more glowing.

Indoor Hyacinths Bulb

Commercially prepared bulbs allow us to enjoy hyacinths out of season. Hyacinths normally flower in spring, but special treatments, such as early lifting and subjecting them to artificially high and low temperatures, mean that they will flower in early winter. When choosing bulbs, make sure that you but only those that are labeled as having been prepared for forcing and remember that you need to allow about three months between the planting and flowering of a forced hyacinth.

Home Vegetable Gardening – Controlling Armyworms

They infect a variety of vegetable plants that you more than likely grow, but do you know how to control them? They are called armyworms, and these pesky creatures are not the defenders of freedom, liberty and justice for all.

Six Resolutions to a Healthy Garden

Gardens, like people, need certain conditions to grow healthy and beautiful. Now is the time to evaluate your current gardening practices, and resolve to get your gardens as fit and healthy as possible this year. Here are six important steps you can take right now to get started.

A Seasonal Gardener’s Tips to Grow Beautiful Roses – 5 Simple Tips

Roses are notorious for how difficult they are to grow. Many of the things you have heard about roses being stubborn garden items, are just rumors.

The Simple Art and Practice of Gardening

Planting a garden does not have to be a daunting experience. The art and practice of gardening can be easy and enjoyable.

How to Grow Beautiful Roses – A Must For the Beginner

It is well known that roses are infamous for their need of attention and difficulty to grow. However, not all of the rumors of the roses’ stubbornness are true.

Why Does Compost Stink?

Many people have somehow acquired the misconception that compost normally stinks, that it must be a smelly affair. Nothing can be further from the truth. An earthy scent is normal and inoffensive, but a well-built compost shouldn’t produce unpleasant odors.

Garden Lighting Tips

Looking for some tips on how to set up garden lights for your garden at home? In this article we discuss some of the basics and practicalities involved in designing a garden with lights.

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