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Killing Rose Aphids

Aphids, also known as “plant lice”, plunge their spherical mouths into plant tissues to suck out their juices. This weakens the leaves structure and causes them to curl and encapsulate the aphid cluster almost acting as a shelter.

How to Make Your Own Organic Fungicide

Making your own organic fungicide is easy and simple, and you very likely have all the ingredients at home already. If you are serious about your garden, you need to keep fungi like blight, powdery mildew and others at bay. This natural mixture will have your plants growing healthy and strong in no time!

The Exotic Look of Bonsai Plants

One of the ancient plants that are used for decoration in both the indoors and outdoors are bonsai plants. These particular trees are known for their exotic look and intricate style that can turn any room into an area of high-end design. Understanding how to care for bonsai plants and knowing what approach to take with these particular plants can help you to enjoy even more of the particular looks that are included in this tree.

Did You Think Cilantro Was Only Used in Salsa?

The entire cilantro plant is quite edible….and….not just for use in salsas! From the roots, to the slender leafy plant, to the flowers and seeds, the different parts of the cilantro herb have a distinctively different taste and use.

Using Herbs From a Home Herb Garden

It has been said that the most natural flavoring for any foods are herbs and spices. But sometimes it is very hard to get the specialty herbs. You have planted herbs and have witnessed them mature and boom.

Care of Bonsai Trees – Doctor Needed!

I needed help. My bonsai tree was dying. Actually, it’s too late – my bonsai is dead, but I am going to try again, and this time I know my bonsai will survive because I’ve done a little research and discovered the simple secrets for the care of bonsai trees.

One Man’s Junk is Another Man’s Flower Pot

If you’ve been thinking about starting an herb garden, or even if you’re already growing your own herbs and flowers, before you go spend money on expensive containers – check the garage! Check the attic! Check the shed! Anywhere you have old stuff sitting in storage is worth inspection. Who knows? Maybe there’s been a gold mine waiting for you to come along and start a fresh herb garden in it.

Growing Your Own Vegetables – It’s Not Very Difficult

You do not need a lot to get started in vegetable gardening. If you have good soil, moisture and sun, then you can start growing your own fruits and vegetables.

My Best Herb Gardening FAQ’s

Are you getting the smell of sweet basil when you are thinking of herbs? Many things crop up in our mind when we think of cultivating and utilizing herbs. Herb gardening is the one of the most exciting activities you can perform.

What is the Use of Herbs and Should You Set Up a Herb Garden?

Herbs have been used for trading in prehistoric times. Travels to the far east brought wonderful spices like ginger and cinnamon to Europe. Sage was in demand in Asia.

A Few Pointers on Growing Kitchen Herbs

Growing kitchen herbs is made much easier when an indoor garden kit is used for the germination and starting of your Italian herb garden. These kits are full of tools, resources, information…

Mint Herb – Growing and Using the Fragrant Mint Herb

Aromatic herbs are very easy to grow and take care of and one of the most popular aromatic herbs is the mint herb. It is a perennial herb that grows the whole year round. It is grown and used for its sensual fragrant and delicious taste.

Choosing Perennial Herbs For Your Garden

Are you fond of using herbs as a flavor enhancer or as a remedy for treating common ailments? Do you like to have readily available herbs at home?

Transplanting Roses Successfully

It may be obvious to state, but transplanting a rose bush requires that you first dig it up. Unlike planting a rose, which you will only take delivery of, during the appropriate time of year, transplanting a rose from one area of your garden to another is left to your own good judgment. You can dig up a rose, as indeed, you can dig up any plant, with the intention of transplanting it, but to maximize your chances of success, you would sensibly only attempt this task during the plant’s dormant season, sometime between late fall and mid spring.

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