Distracted Pollinators

Growing Tomatoes With Companion Plants

Most of us value good companions in life; but not everyone realizes that plants also appreciate good companions. For some it will be a revelation to discover that like humans, plants also need companions that will shelter them, support them, and help them survive by providing nutrients, often attracting insects that will pollinate their companions, and even chase away bugs that might be detrimental.

Tomato Madness

Tomatoes are grown by more gardeners than any other vegetable. The taste of a homegrown, vine-ripened tomato just can’t be beat. To ensure that you get the best tomato from your garden, try a few of these simple growing tips:

How Water Impacts the Growth of Tomatoes

As a home gardener, you know that conditions often have to be perfect to yield the desired results. From sun to soil to temperature, everything must be just right for your tomato plant to grow. The one element that many home gardeners struggle with most is watering.

Buying Sheds Locally Could Be More Cost Effective

There are times when it pays to shop online to get the best possible deal and there are also times when it is best to shop locally to get the best deal. Both methods of shopping have their advantages. If the item that you are buying is light in weight then you may well get the best deal online. However if you are buying something that is very heavy such as a lawnmower then whilst you may buy one at a good price online, you will find that the carriage charge of shipping it to you means that the total cost will be much more than if you had bought it locally.

Aquaponics Fish – How to Choose the Best for Your Aquaponics System

The very first thing you need to know about aquaponics is that the fish play the key role in the entire operation. The fish produce fecal matter, which in turn becomes the plants food. Once the plants have absorbed all the necessary nutrients they need the water is cleaned and drained back into the fish tank to begin the operation once again.

Using Garden Bags to Grow Vegetables

Garden bags can be used as an alternative to plant pots to grow many different types of vegetables. They are an excellent and cheap way to utilise space on patios, decking, balconies, and also in green houses and conservatories. It is becoming an increasingly popular method, particularly amongst gardeners who are keen to grow a small amount of produce organically, but who have limited out door space.

Spruce Up Your Property With Efficient Lawn Care Services

Gardens impart an aesthetic value to your house. So, it’s very important to take care of them and keep them beautiful right through the year.

Cats and Squirrels in the Garden

Cats alone cause the death of more songbirds than any other animal. If you are having trouble with feral cats they can be live-caught and moved from the area. Usually feral cats hunt at night and their main prey is mice and other rodents, so domesticated cats do the most damage to songbirds, thus depleting their numbers.

Japanese Gardens At Home – A FLAT Garden Could Be The Simple Answer

Flat Gardens are a type of Japanese garden that are perhaps simpler to create at home in a yard or garden and they are visually stunning. Japanese gardens are nature in miniature and for a water feature without the a single drop of water… this type of garden could be perfect for your home and bring a stunning vista with quiet beauty into your property.

Quick Tips for Easy Lawn Care

Lawn care can be challenging for homeowners and these simple to follow and quick tips will help provide some basic and essential considerations. Understanding soil management, grass care and weed control is important to keep a yard healthy and create gorgeous curb appeal. These tips will provide great insight for homeowners looking to create and maintain a beautiful front and backyard.

Save Water And Even Fertilize Your Plants At The Same Time

Many of us are trying to be environmentally conscious these days and water conservation is part of that. If you are like me and have a number of plants to water, there are several ways you can accomplish that task while saving water at the same time. One of the most obvious ways to conserve is to collect rainwater.

Starting A Garden: What Garden Supplies Should You Have?

Have you recently bought a house and you think it’s dull? Do you think something is missing, or you find your backyard unattractive?

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