DIY Cloning Machine: Two EASY Ways to Build a Propagation Station

Growing Lemon Trees

This article explains the basic requirements of good drainage and lots of fertiliser needed to grow juicy healthy lemons. It also explains how to fix the problem of thick skinned lemons.

Beginning Your Small Garden Design

In the city, lot areas are at a premium. If you have always wanted to have a garden but are hampered because of the small space, the good is you can achieve this by doing a little bit of planning. A home garden doesn’t have to be huge piece of your yard. Even if you are living in an apartment or a condo, you can have your little piece of heaven by making good use of your creativity and attention to details.

How to Beautify Your Terra Cotta Planters

Change the color of your terra cotta planters quickly and easily. This article will guide you through a step-by-step process so you can add charm to your garden right away.

Birds, Butterflies and Benefits

There are many benefits to attracting butterflies and birds to your backyard. The benefits range from personal and family to ecological and environmental.

The History of Gardening

Gardening for food has been an essential part of human life since before recorded history and the earliest forms of garden were created out of peoples basic need for food, so they grew vegetables and herbs. Gardening for ornamental purposes has also been apparent for centuries and there are many famous examples in history, such as the hanging gardens of Babylon, where gardening for a decorative purpose has been recorded.

The Humble House Leek

The common house leek, also known as “hens and chickens” has an interesting history as house insurance! It also is a wonderful first aid plant, easy to grow, and pleasing to the eye.

The Benefits of Tree Pruning

I suppose I am one of the lucky Londoners because I have a back garden. And while it looks like the secret garden with its chaos and overgrown vines, it is in fact quite charming. That is until yesterday when a tree surgeon came to the house and cut back all of the excessive foliage – and then some. I returned home from work to see an almost unrecognisable garden. It was as if the sky had opened.

Where to Store Your Garden Supplies

So you’ve shopped around and collected all of the garden supplies you need to keep you going. You have the spade, fork, shears, trowel, string, canes, netting, seeds, baskets, pots, wheelbarrow – the list is endless, and will continue to grow. But where will you keep all these garden supplies?

Are Non Hybrid Seeds Really That Good For You?

At one point or another everyone who has an enjoyment for gardening has most likely grown a hybrid seed without even knowing it. On top of that, it’s not well known how nutritional void the produce from there is.

Best Rose Gardening Tips

There are almost one hundred varieties of roses which you can choose from when setting up a rose garden. If you love these flowers, you have maybe thought, at least for a split second, that you would like to have a garden comprising all varieties of roses existing in the world. Yet, reality is different, unfortunately not all of us have neither the resources, nor the sufficient space for such a “rosary”, so we would have to choose those varieties of roses which would best adapt to the conditions in our garden. Of course, making a selection can be difficult, but, in order to ease your task, we would like to present to you a short enumeration of the different types of roses and some advice concerning the main elements which you would have to consider.

Flower Boxes and Window Panes

Our houses, small or big, are our prized possessions. For it, we work hard to provide our family a cozy and comfortable place to be nurtured and protected.

Prices Don’t Rise in the Home Vegetable Garden

At the time I wrote this article, according the, the national price average in the United States for one gallon of regular gasoline was $3.55. The price has been recently fluctuating to the point where the up and down motion makes you feel like you are on a boat heading through a hurricane.

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