DIY Floral Paperweights!

Garden Accessories Can Be Used to Create Relaxation

Want to create your own little paradise in an urban setting. This article gives you simple basic ideas that will have you relaxing in no time in your very own garden.

Two Types of Orchids: Terrestrial and Epiphytic Orchids

Orchids are a popular house plant with over thousands of species in existence. Surprisingly, there are basically only two types of orchids, the terrestrial and the epiphytic. Each species can be classified between the two.

Large, Showy and Elegant Lilies

Lilium is an herbaceous flowering plant which grows from bulb. Majority of species are native to northern hemisphere. They are the members of family Liliaceae and about 110 species are known. The plants bear large showy flowers which grown as ornamental plants in the gardens.

Soil – The Key to a Successful Garden

Soil is the determining factor in all your gardening endeavors. The success and failure you’ll get from your home gardening venture depends on the kind of soil you have. It’s therefore important to know the type of soil you have in your garden and how to improve its structure if it’s not responding to the needs of your plants.

Plant Seeds of Spring Greens in Fall to Overwinter

We’ve all seen the “volunteers” popping up in expected or unexpected places in our gardens. “Volunteers” are plants that get started from seeds produced and scattered by our “on purpose” garden plants. Some seeds lay dormant for years before unexpectedly popping up in the garden. So why can’t I garden that way on purpose?

Gardening – What You Should Know About Container Gardening

Do you want to grow a beautiful garden but you just don’t have the space? You can grow almost anything in a container.

Follow These Vital Steps in Properly Cultivating Papaver Somniferum

The art of growing Papaver Somniferum must be done with great care and sensitivity to ensure the long-term health and endurance of this popular plant. Planting Papaver Somniferum can be done indoors or outdoors.

Planting Tulip Bulbs In Autumn

Spring flowering bulbs bloom at a time when few other flowering plants are blooming. In order for these early spring beauties to bloom at their proper season, tulip bulbs need to be planted at the proper time of year.

Things You Wish You Could Be Doing In The Garden In February

Spring doesn’t seem that far away now that we finally made it to February. All the new gardening catalogs are out and talking about garden preparations and planting. It all sure does look good, depending on where you live.

Colorado Gardening – Helping Your Garden Survive Challenging Conditions

The toughest challenges of high-altitude gardening along Colorado’s Front Range are water and soil issues. Conquer these, and the harvest will be yours.

Benefits of Hydroponic Gardening

Many people are talking about the benefits of hydroponic gardening systems. However, as of yet, these powerful alternatives to more traditional gardening have not fully caught on, but it’s definitely gaining ground. As more and more people are seeking ways to grow their own fruits and vegetables, this method is capturing quite a bit of attention.

How to Plant Garden Vegetable Seeds Indoors

You want to decide beforehand which vegetable seeds you wish to plant. Before you select the seeds do some research as some vegetables cannot be sowed until the last frost has passed. Basically, this means that some garden vegetable seeds, such as onions and carrots for example, cannot be started indoors but must be started in the ground.

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