DIY Willow Branch Trellis

Advice For A Beginning Vegetable Gardener

Over the years many people have come to me and asked me the secret to having a successful vegetable garden for the new gardener. So I have given this subject a lot of thought through the years so i feel pretty qualified to answer that question.

Growing Organic Radishes

Growing radishes was pioneered before the Roman empire; the name “radish” derived from “radix,” the Latin word for “root” (the Romans could wield a sword but weren’t really clever with names!). Mustard and turnips are close relatives to the radish.

The Top 5 Things To Look For When Choosing An Allotment

A carefully chosen allotment can be turned into a haven – a place for you to work rest and sometimes just dream the day away. Ideally, the plot should be open to the sun and there should be protection from the wind on the north and northeast boundaries.

Choosing Potatoes for Planting

Planting potatoes is a wonderfully rewarding past time, and something which children love to be involved in, particularly when it comes to harvesting. Do you plant old sprouted potatoes?

How To Keep Cats Out of Your Organic Garden

Sooner or later, if cats have access to your garden, you might come upon the disgusting evidence of cats using your beloved gardening planter box as a litter box. It’s gross to think about, but considering there are, according to the University of Wisconsin, approximately 60 million cats, there is a high likelihood that one will appear in your environs.

Indoor Orchids: Guide to Growing Orchids Inside Your Home

Growing indoor orchids is not the same as growing your typical house plant. Orchids have special requirements that need to be addressed for them to flourish and bloom beautiful flowers.

How to Start a Garden – How to Compost

Perhaps one of the more disagreeable yet most important steps when learning how to start a garden is composting. Composting can be done in various ways, but it really should be done. Why go buy compost or fertilizer when you’re manufacturing compost materials daily at home?

How to Start a Garden – Irrigation Tips

When you are learning how to start a garden, irrigation is another major consideration. You have options, starting with a sprinkler can, which is better for indoor or smaller gardens, or you can use a garden hose, preferably with a spray nozzle, you can use a portable lawn sprinkler, a soaker hose, a trickle or drip system, or an automatic drip system. There are a few things to consider when you’re deciding which type of watering equipment you will need.

How to Start a Garden – Pest Control Tips

Probably one of the most rewarding skills gained when learning how to start a garden is what to do about pest control. Proper planning before you even put a plant or seed in the ground can pay dividends in the growth process when you have few pests to contend with. There are a few ways to organically use pest control in your garden.

How to Start a Garden – Soil Modification Tips

Soil modification is a key ingredient for how to start a garden. The content and texture of your soil is critical. To have a successful garden, you will need to have good soil. The best soil is not sandy, and it’s not too much like clay. It needs to be able to drain adequately, but hang on to enough moisture so that your plants don’t go thirsty. Too much sand and the water runs off, too much clay and you drown your plants. You may need to modify your soil before you start your garden.

How to Start a Garden – Five Secrets to Success

Knowing how to start a garden is not all that difficult. There are a few things for you to consider, such as where you’re going to plant, the soil that you’re planting in, how you will water your garden, the pest control that you will need as your garden grows, and the continual addition of compost to your garden.

Beautiful Lawns – An Insider’s Guide

You can achieve a beautiful lawn and garden much easier than you might think. Take advantage of your rich soil and plant a beautiful lawn and garden today. These tips will help you to know what to do.

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