Do You Have Petunia Budworms in Your Garden?

How to Choose Herbs for Your Herb Kitchen Garden

There are thousands of different species and types of herbs, but even the biggest of herb gardens would not normally have more than 20 to 30 types. However, it’s possible to get a lot of pleasure growing herbs by choosing just 5 or 6 different herbs to grow in your garden. This article will help you to decide which types of herb you might most like to grow, and provides some tips and advice on growing herbs from seed.

A List of the Easiest Orchids to Grow

When you are unfamiliar with cultivating plants specifically orchids, so you may want to start with the simplest orchids to nurture. Yet, considering that there are many varieties of orchids, it is quite quick to get lost then result in harvesting the most difficult flowers to nurture. In case you are at such type of circumstance, the most effective action to take is look into the list below.

Get to Know About Moon Planting

Lunar planting or also referred to as moon planting is one of the oldest forms of gardening, began from old generations then continuously inherited. It has become a widespread belief that the moon position and its moving phases have great impact in gardening and planting.

Choosing an Umbrella Stand

Umbrella stands are a critical part of having a patio umbrella. There are many different types of stands to choose from and depending upon the type of patio umbrella and where you are using it will determine what type of stand you should have.

Your Simple Guide To Cymbidium Orchids And Other Orchid Varieties

Having grown orchids over many years, I offer some great information below about the many different types and varieties of orchids. An easy to follow guide about the many orchids available today and will help you decide which orchid specie is best suited to you.

How To Grow Orchids – 5 Top Tips For Getting Started

Hi I’m Andrew. Having grown orchids over many years, I offer some great information below to help you grow orchids successfully and for you to take away these tips and start growing today. Such as selecting the right orchid specie for you, how much sunlight they should get, watering requirements and more.

Caring for Orchids Indoors? Read These Guidelines!

Growing and caring for orchids indoors is no mean feat if you don’t have the patience and time to care for these mystical plants. Equipped with the proper knowledge on how to grow orchids indoors and by taking the time to know the orchid characteristics and their preferred environment one can successfully grow and enjoy the beauty of these plants.

A Healing Garden

Since early times people have recognized the benefits and the healing qualities of gardens. As far back as the middle ages gardens were created were people could go and heal physically and mentally.

Pergola Design Ideas

There are many sources of inspiration that can move us to sit down and begin putting together some great pergola design ideas. The beauty of your backyard is that it is entirely yours and your design ideas will reflect your taste and personality entirely.

Pergola Plans

There is a lot of thought and effort that can go into creating a new aspect of your property’s landscape. Pergolas can add an elegant look to your yard with little effort, but a little planning can go a long way.

Pergola Kits

The quickest, easiest way to set up a beautifully designed garden pergola is to order a pergola kit. These do it yourself style pergola construction kits make it easy for anyone to put together a new backyard structure, specific to design and style specifications that match your personal needs.

The Problem With Annuals In The Flower Garden

Annuals have always been a big part of the flower garden and probably always will be. They provide lots of color and grow rather quickly but are not my idea of easy.

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