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Tulips and Wallflowers

Late tulips can also look excellent with old fashioned red, yellow, orange, purple, rose pink or white wallflowers. Some brilliant color schemes can be devised, with both bright, eye catching plants and gentler, more subtle shades. The fringed tulip, which has lilac colored petals, creates a strong contrast, for example, with rich orange wallflowers, whose scent is welcome on a warm sunny evening.

Grow Herbs Indoors With Just a Little Effort

Just think about this, if you will grow herbs indoors, you can simply control the temperature, moisture, and even the lighting that your plants needed. You can easily adjust these conditions to also meet the required environment conditions of your home. You can even plant and grow those difficult herbs that you love without worrying the change of weather condition outdoor.

Different Ways of Propagating Herbs

While growing herbs outside you have many options of how to start your garden. Herbs can be grown not only from seeds but using layering, cutting and through division. The methods vary for different herbs and also when you are planting the herbs and what is your experience.

Producing Herbs From a Home Herb Garden

The hard work of herb gardening has been completed. You tended your herbs and watched them grow into mature, useful plants. Now the fun begins as you get to use your herbs from your home herb garden.

Basic Tips For Beginning Gardeners

Do you have a green thumb? Have you always wanted to try gardening but just not sure whether your plants will thrive or not? If you have houseplants and you want to venture into a different type of gardening, all you need is time and a little bit of patience. Be prepared to work hard also.

Save the Environment With a Rain Water Garden

In most cities, every time it rains we fill up our lakes, rivers, and streams with excess amounts of pollutions. It need not be the case, if we decided to harvest the rain in the use of a rain water garden. Follow this article to see how you too can save the environment by installing a rain water garden.

Perennial Care in the Winter

Perennials are remarkably resilient and respond well to being managed. A few simple rules apply to most perennials and will allow you to propagate, rejuvenate and cut back with confidence.

Indoor Gardening Supplies – The Best List

In order to thrive, we humans need air to breath, light to see by and food to nourish our bodies. Try thinking of the plant in the same way. It is a living, growing thing that needs those three elements in order to thrive. Some different indoor garden supplies will be needed since you are in complete control of the growing process; the soil mixture, the water and nutrients and the placement of the indoor garden.

Understanding Your Zone

Gardeners need a way to compare their garden climates with the climate where a plant is known to grow well. That’s why climate zone maps were created.

Beautiful Herbs Grown in Your Windowsill

Window sill gardens are charming, reminding us of the kitchen of our grandmother and home cooked meals, but they are also highly practical. Learn in this article the basic you need to know starting a windowsill herb garden.

What Makes Your Garden Special?

Before you delve into the practical side of garden design, like choosing the plants, pavers and pots, you have to first find your “sense of place” to further enhance your garden and achieve gardening design success. A “sense of place” is what makes your garden special. If you can focus your garden into enhancing your “sense of place,” you are not far from achieving your perfect garden.

Gardening Your Way to Utopia

Your garden can be your utopia, an ideal place where you can relax and enjoy a peaceful state of being. Your garden can be your escape to the usual hustle and bustle of everyday chores and obligations.

How to Start Seeds in Pots

I know many gardeners start seeds in pots and enjoy considerable success. Fellow students in my horticulture classes seemed particularly adept at growing seed months before the plants were ready for the garden.

Autumn Containers

As late summer turns autumn the begonias will still be at their best, with all their glorious reds, oranges and yellows creating an explosion of fiery colors. By now the cannas, too, will be in full flower, revealing a mixture of orange, yellow, red and salmon, but their large, paddle shaped leaves can be as exciting as the flowers, showing vivid combinations of glowing green and gold or brilliant bronze and pink.

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