Don’t Get Scammed At The Farmers Market: 5 Questions to Ask

Why You Should Try Container Gardening

Container gardening is so convenient and can be much easier to manage than a traditional garden. If you find your plants are getting too much sun you can easily move them to a shady spot. Likewise if your plants are not getting enough sun you move them to a sunny spot.

How to Buy a Garden Cart

The garden cart is one of the most popular gardening tools that could help you a lot in your work. There different models of cart that have different parameters and features to be used in different tasks. Here are 10 tips that you can use to estimate the most suitable type and model of garden cart for your work.

Types Of Fertilizers To Improve Your Garden Soil

Over the years a vast mythology has grown up around the magic of fertilizers. The head gardeners of the pre-war estates had their own secret potions.

The Garden Design Process

I would like to form an argument in this article that demonstrates how more can be made of the preliminary research documents, when it comes to winning design contracts and selling schemes to clients. It all starts with an accurate topographical land survey. A plan of the site is then drawn up to scale, to include boundary walls, existing buildings, trees, services and existing levels.

Collecting Rainwater: Putting Nature’s Flow to Good Use

There is nothing quite like sitting and watching the rain. Have you ever wondered if there’s a way to put all of that water to good use? Especially when you see it just flowing down a sewer grate, when there are water shortages in so many parts of the world.

Fresh Wholesale Roses: Standard Vs Garden Roses

At some point in their lives, many individuals need to buy fresh cut flowers and greenery for weddings, parties and other special events. Deciding which flowers to purchase can be difficult. One popular flower, the ever popular rose, makes for a fantastic focal point and this article hopes to provide tips and recommendations on which variety to select, whether it be the common rose or the more, rare garden rose.

Deciding Which Lawn Aerator Is Right for You

There are many benefits to using a lawn aerator. Aerating a lawn allows water and air to flow around grass roots, which in turn helps to ward off fungi while promoting the growth of more beneficial organisms. All of this leads to a healthier, greener lawn.

Creating Your Indoor Container Herb Garden in 10 Easy Steps

Starting you Indoor Container Herb Garden can be done by following these 10 easy steps. They can make starting your new hobby much easier and while some steps may seem like common sense, others contain information you may not have considered yet.

How Aquaponics Can Change the World

What is Aquaponics? Aquaponics is a very specialized form of self-sustaining gardening that uses the waste produced from fish to provide nutrients for your crops. A naturally occurring bacteria will convert the ammonia from the fish waste into usable nitrites and nitrates which will feed the plants.

Garden Fountains at Home

Many people are looking for the perfect complement for the decor of their garden, and the garden fountain is definitely a viable option to consider. The beautiful simplicity of a garden fountain not only brings elegance in the structure of the fountain itself, but the natural beauty of water falling is hard to beat. You will find that installing a garden fountain in your home is one of the best ways to ensure that your garden looks beautiful and elegant.

Indoor Grow Lighting

Artificial light is the perfect alternative for anyone interested in growing plants indoors. Not only can indoor grow lighting be used as a supplement to natural light, it can actually replace it entirely. Indoor grow lighting is also a great light source for certain types of plants that cannot tolerate intense sunlight.

With Garden Pots You Can Decorate Your Space

Along with the indoor decor of your home, it is essential you maintain the outdoor decoration as well to complete the touch. People have several different tastes and instead of bothering about what is in or what others like, it’s vital that you determine what you prefer.

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