Don’t make this broccoli growing mistake

Looking For a Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder?

A squirrel proof bird feeder is a sought out feature for anyone who has had a feeder for birds. Many people have come up with many different homemade methods for trying to keep squirrels away from their feeders and suffered much frustration when trying to squirrel proof them. There are now many different varieties and models that fall under the category of a squirrel proof bird feeder.

Secret to the Best Garden – Organic Gardening Compost

If your vegetable garden is not yielding much or your flowers from the flower bed look nothing like the plush ones shown in a magazine then it is a sign that your plants are lacking vital nutrients. The best way to ensure your plants get these nutrients is by making a simple choice.

Used Garden Tillers – Planning Before You Buy

We all want to find a great deal every now and then. Even when it comes to something as simple as buying a used garden tiller.

How to Build a Greenhouse Using Plans – What Is Involved?

So you need to know how to build a greenhouse, and what is involved. Be sure to check with your local codes department to see if you will need to purchase a building permit and to see if you have restrictions in your area to build a certain type of greenhouse.

How to Find Discount Garden Tools

For those who enjoy gardening or those who need to replace gardening tools that are showing wear and tear one great way to save money when purchasing a new tool is to look for discount garden tools. Depending upon what you are looking for, garden tools can get expensive.

Ergonomic Garden Tools – A Welcomed Design

For amateur and professional gardeners alike, the choice to use ergonomic gardening tools is fast becoming the accepted norm. Whether you do gardening for a living, or simply enjoy spending time working in your backyard garden, the reasons for wanting garden tools that reduce strain on your arms and body are many.

The Reason Flowers Help People and Make Such Great Gifts

Not only do flowers look pretty. They also provide us with an array of health benefits.

How to Vegetable Garden in 5 Easy Steps

So you’d like to start a vegetable garden and you aren’t sure where to start? Follow these five steps, and you can have your first vegetable garden started in less than a day.

In the Greenhouse in Mid March and the Fruit and Vegetable Jobs

Chrysanthemums, dahlias and bedding plants will now be moving on from greenhouse to the frame to harden off. A fortunate exit, for the tomatoes will be hankering to take their place, demanding a temperature of 12 – 15C. (54-59F.). Decorative chrysanthemums should be re-potted into 4& 1/2 inch pots as soon as the 3 in. pots become full of roots: they can then be transferred to the frame.

In the Garden Towards the End of March

In the sense that garden flowers wait for no man. Lupin and delphinium shoots can be taken from the crown, dipped in rooting powder and inserted in pots of sandy com­post and placed in the greenhouse. They should be kept close, but do not require heat.

Which Type of Pot is Best?

Having a 100%, completely watertight pot is not necessarily a good thing. If you need to transport water then you naturally you don’t want to leak water everywhere. When it comes to a potted garden, however, you want to provide your plants well drained soil.

Why Are HPS and Fluorescents the Preferred Indoor Herb Garden Light?

There are many opinions as to what is the right kind of indoor herb garden lights. Basically, you have two choices that can be most effective in assisting the growth of herb garden plants. This article is about what to consider when buying a herb grow light for your plants.

Advantages of Using Organic Garden Fertilizer in Your Garden

The synthetic and the chemical fertilizers most people use today is only a modern invention. Before this invention people used organic garden fertilizer in their farms. And even before people got the idea to use a fertilizer, plants depended on their falling leaves and other matter as compost.

Carbon Filters and Hydroponics – Increasing Your Yield!

Air purification is a critical element for a healthy grow room and carbon filters should be used whenever it is possible, to ensure the best results. Almost any terrestrial plant will grow using hydroponics as long as the required nutrients are artificially added to its water supply.

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