Double Digging the Intensive Garden

Late Winter Gardening Advice

There’s probably no time of year you can’t find a gardening job to do. Naturally, late winter is no exception. Here’s a few jobs to tide you over before spring kicks off.

Twenty Two Gardening Facts and Tips for the Herb Garden

Here are 22 tips that will help you start or improve your herb garden. Herb gardening is a very rewarding endeavor either for health benefits or for just saving money on herbs.

Sun System Trifecta

If you are an indoor gardener or horticulturalist then you want the lights that will get you the best results. Grow lights can help you get that desired effect that you are looking for. There are many different kinds of lights that help you get those results. There are LED grow lights, HPS grow lights, metal halide grow lights, and fluorescent grow lights. The Sun System Trifecta 1000 watt complete grow light system is a HPS grow light system. Horticulture ballast used for indoor growing operations use HPS or MH bulbs and it is important to know which your system needs. Ballasts are usually 120 or 240 volts, however some are switchable and can be switched from one volt to another. Many of the more advanced ballasts are quieter and more efficient than other models.

Plant House: Are You Still Thinking?

The market is now crammed with many sizes and styles when it comes to the point of choosing garden houses. There are plenty of materials and greenhouse kits to explore and experiment with, in order to turn your home gardening ideas into a reality.

Growing Your Own Chia Pet

Simple instructions on how to grow your own chia pet. Chia seeds are an amazingly nutritionally dense source of food, that also can be a fun gardening project.

All America Flower Selection For 2013

I am sure that if you have been gardening for any length of time you have heard of All America Selections or seen it on a plant label or seed packet. Today I would like to give you a bit of background on the organization and some of this winners of All American Flower Selection For 2013.

Basics of Starting a Lawn Care Business

A well planned and executed lawn care business offers a perfect opportunity for those wishing to become self-employed and work in the great outdoors. If you are well-rounded in your landscaping experience then you have the potential to offer a range of lawn care services.

Putting In Place the Foundations for a Lawn Care Business

If you are looking at the viability of establishing a lawn care business in your local neighborhood then this isn’t generally difficult, but it will take some effort to make sure the enterprise is set up in an effective fashion. Once a lawn care business is set up and operating effectively it does have the potential to become a very financially rewarding business, provided of course you have the right business sense and work ethic. Establishing the basics for your lawn care enterprise In order to be successful in setting up a lawn care business it…

Enriching Soil in the Garden

Planting in low-quality soil can have disastrous results on the health of your plants, so making the effort to check and improve soil makes all the difference. Below you’ll find a quick guide to getting this important task complete.

Aero-Hydroponics, A New Way To Grow Hydroponically

Aero-hydroponics is a way of growing plants hydroponically. In this type of system plants are supported in such a way that their roots are hanging. Nutrient solution is sprayed directly on the roots allowing for oxygen to mix with the nutrient solution, providing the plant with the most amount of oxygen. This type of growing is very effective.

A Quick Introduction to 5 Kinds of Hydroponic Systems

There are five popular types of hydroponic systems. In this article we will take a look at the ebb and flow, NFT, Europonic, aeroponic, and continuous drip systems.

Spruce Up Your Garden With This Simple Fountain Project

While the thought of beginning a landscaping project can be daunting at first, the key is to get the whole family involved. For that, you’ll need a nice, easy-to-follow project that takes up one weekend so that you can build your confidence while coming out with an amazing addition to your yard or garden.

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