Dry vs. Liquid Hydroponic Nutrients: Pros and Cons

The Benefits to Amending and Nurturing the Soil Using Worm Compost

Any kind of garden, whether you’re growing vegetables or just a simple flower patch, will develop at their fullest potential by simply being planted in soil that is in tip-top shape. Healthy soil is everything to a garden. But the sad truth is that some plants don’t get the complete nutrients from just the soil alone. That’s where soil amendments and organic fertilizers come into frame; and worm compost can be one of these natural products that can be a good garden resource. Learn more about the benefits to red wiggler worms casting by reading further of this article.

Fiskars 5998 Salsa and Salsa II Rain Barrel Review

It may not have the looks of an oak barrel or a terra cotta planter, but rain barrels made by Fiskars are top of the line in terms of their smart features and clean designs. It’s a USA designed barrel, covered with a UV treated polyethylene (including the cover) and includes a diverter.

What Is This Aquaponics Thing?

Recently I was introduced to something known as Aquaponics. At first I thought it might be a new way to scuba dive in ponds covered with Hyacinth plants but to my surprise I discovered it to be the most amazing system to produce edible things to come down the pike in a long while. It is a combination of aquaculture and hydroponics.

Learn How to Build a DIY Compost Bin In Five Simple Steps

The best compost bin projects normally take several steps to accomplish. Things with any intricacy take a number of steps that will take some time to complete. Here’s the right way to build a traditional DIY compost bin by merely taking 5 easy steps.

Tomato Diseases and How to Prevent Them

It doesn’t matter if you are the neighborhood tomato gardening expert, or the newbie that’s just learning the ropes, tomato diseases can sneak up on you and ruin your entire crop. The good news about growing tomatoes is that they are one of the easiest crops to grow for fledgling gardeners, but care must still be taken because there are lots of diseases that can infest the garden.

Tomato Worms and How to Keep Them Out of Your Garden

Unwanted pests and worms can spell doom for tomato gardeners everywhere, regardless of their level of knowledge and experience. Fortunately, even the most inexperienced gardener can avoid the hassles of pests by following a few rules and guidelines, mainly preventative measures. I’ve listed some of the most basic, but most effective for beginners and experts alike to keep their garden healthy.

An ATV Spreader Is Both A Time And Work Saver

You need to spread seed or fertilizer and have a lot of ground to cover. Why not put that ATV you have to use by adding on an ATV spreader? You’ll save time as well as aches and pains when you are finished. But do you know what to look for?

The Three Basic Essentials of How to Get Started With Aquaponics

Aquaponics is a completely sustainable food production system that’s cultivated in a symbiotic “green” environment. The centuries-old system combines aquaculture such as raising fish and crayfish in appropriate holding tanks while providing a conducive environment to cultivate plants in water, or hydroponics.

Lawn Guidelines To Make Life Simpler For Any Beginning Gardener

New to yard work or perhaps purchased a new home and do not know the place to begin for getting your yard looking great as well as the envy of your neighborhood. Then keep reading for your quick start.

Gardening 101: What Are the Common Houseplants?

The best houseplants, whether placed inside a residential or office space, can help lift both areas to look more vibrant than usual. There are common houseplants that naturally exude their beauty through their aroma, color, shape, and size variations, which are actually helpful when it comes to giving a certain spot to look more inviting when viewed.  

How Effective Are Worm Castings on Garden Soil and Plants?

If there was a safer and better fertilizer alternative other than the chemical-based products made today, then you might want to use worm castings for supplementing your garden soil and plants. Castings from composting worms have been recognized as a natural fertilizer that is packed with a lot of nutrients and minerals (contains minerals such as concentrated nitrates, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus).

Growing Radishes Is Easy And Convenient

If you are planning on growing radishes, you must know that the radish belongs to the family of Cruciferous; falls under two categories. One is spring radishes and the other is winter radishes. This vegetable is mostly grown in cold weather.

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