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Brighten Any Room With a Windowsill Herb Garden

One way to make any room look warm and welcoming is with a windowsill herb garden. Indoor herb gardens are both useful and attractive. While you can set up a garden in almost any room, think of the culinary possibilities with one in the kitchen sill. With the right container, soil mixture, and light anything is possible.

Rosemary – Why You Need It

Rosmarinus officinalis – once planted, cannot be done without. Of all the herbs in my old garden, I miss it most. It has chemically traced medicinal uses, cooking applications and remains green all year round.

Foliage Plants in Flower Colors

If you’ve always thought of foliage plants as green, you’re in for a nice surprise. Gay-as-a-rainbow foliage is not as rare as you may think. Some kinds are seasonal, like the fancy-leaf caladium in shadings of pink, red, and white with green.

Greenhouse Bases – What Purpose Do They Serve?

When shopping for a greenhouse kit you may find optional bases which are available. This article will explore the function of the bases. Also, many people are confused about just what a base is exactly.

How to Make the Most of Winter Armchair Gardening

Now is the time to look through seed and plant catalogues and decide what you want to grow next year. The old favourites? Exciting new hybrids? Most people choose some of each. Don’t be seduced by the beautiful photos of perfect specimens. Read the descriptions carefully to check size, flowering season and any special growing requirements to be sure the new plants will fit in and thrive.

Gardening Under Lights

You can grow luxuriant house plants in any spot in your home with the aid of man-made sunshine electric light. Corners so dark that they’d discourage even a cast-iron plant are turned into garden spots by using the right amount of artificial light.

Grow a Potted Herb Garden – Some Things to Ponder

You must be aware that once you prepare to grow a potted herb garden, the herbs can grow in various sizes. Some are small while others are tall. There are also cascading herbs and ones that grow like bushes.

Why You Should Start a Fresh Herb Garden

Supermarkets may be brimming with fresh and dried herbs for everyday cooking, but it is no way near as satisfying as cooking the herbs you’ve just grown yourself. A Fresh herb garden can be very convenient to keep and plus, you can pick up fresh herbs anytime you want.

Tips to Starting Your Own Garden

There are some important things that need to take into consideration before starting to grow a garden. Know some tips below to succeed in gardening.

Watering Your Herb Garden – How To Do It Right or Kill Your Plants

Moisture is vital to herb survival. If you have a dry environment inside your house it may present a problem to growing your herbs indoors. And because you want your plants to grow healthy, you may want to take extra care in watering your herb garden and providing them the perfect condition to grow.

Things to Consider When Designing Your Herb Garden

Growing herbs is a simple task that will not take much of your effort and time. That is if you simply plant them without taking into account the design of your herb garden. Herbs can basically thrive anywhere, either indoor or outdoor.

Indoor Bonsai Trees

Indoor bonsai trees can be purchased at your favorite garden shop for around $25 to $30. Indoor bonsai trees are usually dwarfed fig or pine trees. Bonsai trees are usually re-pruned and repotted every 2 to 3 years. This article covers bonsai tree care.

Freezing Tomatoes Correctly – Make the Most of Your Crop

So you have successfully nurtured and lovingly tended to your tomato plants all season and now they are literally starting to bear the fruits of your labor. There is usually only one problem now and that is the sheer number of tomatoes your plants are producing.

Organic Vegetable Gardening – Here Are My Eight Fundamental Tips to Succeed

Organic vegetable gardening is not complex. Anyway, to make things even more straightforward for you from the start, here are eight of my best tips. If you go after these guidelines, you will certainly be able to benefit from a flourishing organic vegetable garden in almost no time. Read on to learn about it.

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