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Pruning Your Orchid Successfully

Not every orchid grower prunes their orchids and indeed, some orchid varieties don’t require pruning at all. Instead they are trimmed – which is simply the process of removing death or unhealthy growth. The variety of orchids most frequently subject to pruning is the Phalaenopsis. Read more about it here.

Watering Orchids – When and How

While the needs of different orchid species can vary, it’s relatively easy to determine the quantity and frequency of water that your plants require. There are many factors that affect the amount of water an orchid needs and how quickly it uses the water you provide. Understanding those factors and learning a few tips about how and when you should water orchids will help you get it right.

Blossoms of Japan Are an Eccentric Type of Gift

Flowers in Japan have an elaborate background which goes back for ages. This happens to be a culture where the allure of petals and shades is held in high esteem.

Orchid Lighting – Tips for Novice Growers

If you’re new to growing orchids you may have already read that getting the light conditions correct is tremendously important if you hope to grow healthy plants. While it certainly is important, it’s not necessarily as difficult as you might think. While the best orchid lighting conditions are those that closely resemble the original, natural environment of the species, many orchids will tolerate a little variation to those conditions.

Repotting Orchids – A Guide for Novice Growers

Should orchids be repotted? Absolutely, yes, without a doubt! It’s recommended that orchids be repotted about every second year, unless they need it earlier. There are three basic reasons for repotting orchids. Learn them all here.

Facts About Different Types of Orchid

If you’re a novice orchid grower, don’t be put off by the many people who suggest that orchid growing is something for experts. It’s not that hard. Why not gather the right information, have a go, and aim to become a bit of an expert yourself?

Composting Is Essential For Garden Soil Improvement

A simple way to make your own compost for soil improvement in your garden. No special skills or money spending is necessary. Anyone can do it with rather modest means. The process of composting can be started any time, by just considering some of the most common and simple elements, necessary to obtain a good quality, organic compost material.

Seven Clever Ways to Make a Free Garden Cloche

How to make a free garden cloche to extend the growing season. Recycle common materials to grow more vegetables in a low maintenance organic garden.

Twelve Practical Ways to Keep Cats Off Your Garden – Organically

Twelve practical humane ways to keep cats off a vegetable garden. All are free, organic and tested.

Creative Container Gardening Around Your Home

A little creativity and you can turn almost any container around your home into a potted garden. If the object will hold soil and will allow for water to easily drain through, it can be used as a potting container.

A Bushel Full Of Tomatoes

A bushel basket full of tomatoes – now what do you do? People at work see you coming with a bag in your hand and they go the other way.

Learn The Fundamentals Of Nurturing Bonsai

The art of bonsai attention is an ancient practice that spans thousands of years. It really is not only a gardener’s delight, but a real artist’s canvas for those who are willing to take the time and effort to support these plants mature and develop. Understanding about bonsai treatment will help you to develop the ideal bonsai that you could.

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