Easy, Durable Annuals for All Season

Gardeners of the Kitchen

Many gardeners are classified as kitchen gardeners because of their love of food and the respect they have for the end product and how they got there. Kitchen gardeners utilize gardens that have been planted indoors or outdoors by planning months in advance.

How To Maintain A Mandevilla Plant All Year Round

While native to South and Central America, the mandevilla plant is especially popular as a patio plant throughout the warm summer months in the United States as well, and can even be maintained over the winter if moved inside to a warm sunny spot. In fact, full sunlight is best for flowering, although they can do well in partial shady spots as well. Known for its dark green leaves and spectacularly colorful flowers, available in red, yellow, pink and white, mandevillas can be grown in either hanging planters, or trained to climb up a trellis.

Gardens – A Retreat From The Grind

With all the stress of daily life it is important to be able to get away for a little bit and to stabilize yourself. Gardening has become a major stress reliever for millions of people.

Gardening Inspiration And Aggravation

A moment of inspiration is always an exciting thing. You come up with an idea and then build upon it and get wrapped up and involved.

Choosing the Correct Pots for Your Orchids

Once you made the decision to grow orchids you probably began your research into the proper ways to take care of the plants and help them to grow. You may feel you are well beyond ready to go and plant your orchids and begin the journey with your new hobby. However, you cannot plant them until you have determined what type of pot you will plant them in.

Building A Back Yard Wildlife Habitat

There are so many gardening ideas out there they could fill a whole library but when it comes to projects I think this is one of the tops. Building a backyard wildlife habitat is a great idea not only will you be providing food and shelter for a whole host of animals that are quickly be pushed and shoved by the development of their native habitats but you will be creating hours of enjoyment for yourself and your family.

Toro Blower Vac 51599: Get Your Wife Clearing Leaves and Save Money In the Bargain!

The Toro Blower Vac 51599 is a great gardening tool to have in your shed. It’s already helping many people make lighter work of clearing the fall leaves. I’ve written this article to show how it’s great even for the fairer sex and how you can save money in the bargain when you buy it!

How to Grow Thyme for Its Fragrance and Flavor

Thyme (Thymus vulgaris), is a kind of herb grown for its aroma, a good blend with other spices like garlic and olive oil and others. It is also considered as an antiseptic and preservatives for meats. It’s also a member of the medicinal plant groups. Thyme can used fresh and dried as flavor for any dishes like jellies, bouquet garni, breads, sauces and many more. It can be a nice complement to tomato sauces, cheeses, eggs and vegetables.

Growing Ground Orchids – What You Should Know

Growing ground orchids is almost the same as growing it inside the house. You can grow these plants together with your loved ones and make it a fun family bonding together.

Orchids Roots and Why You Should Take Care of It

This article discusses different care for different types of orchids. This is a good information for people who wants to start caring for orchids. Proper care is still very important to maintain the orchids healthy and blooming all the time.

Tips For Having A Colorful Rose Of Sharon Garden

It is important to remember that with rose of sharon gardens, you can wake up to beautiful sights in the morning; you can breathe fresher air and you can even enjoy the scent of blooms. However, it is important to be reminded that no flower garden would grow beautifully without you giving the needed effort and without enough labor.

Orchid Growing Tips – Anybody Can Do

These orchid growing tips will surely help you grow healthy and astounding orchids. These tips are easy to follow so anybody can do them.

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