Easy Tips for Propagating and Repotting Snake Plants

Mini Greenhouses Are a Great Way to Keep Plants Fresh All Year Long

Many mini green houses are small enough to keep inside the house in in-climate weather so you never have to worry about your plans when it rains, snows or is too dry. You would provide the “comfort” your plants need. They also keep seedlings alive and healthy, giving them protection from harsh out door conditions.

Fixing A Broken PVC Pipe In The Garden

Many gardeners have an underground PVC pipe watering system that supplies water to their gardens. Every once in a while a sprinkler head will break off or the PVC pipe can break after a bad winter freeze. Regardless of when the pipe breaks it’s never a good time, but when it breaks you will need to know exactly how to fix it. In this article you will discover information about PVC and how to repair a break if and when the time arises. The most important part of the whole process is to have all the parts needed for repair ahead of time.

Choosing Hydroponic Stores – How to Ensure You Get Everything You Need for Your Plants

Hydroponic cultivation is becoming increasingly popular because this is a great way to grow plants within a limited area. The plants are grown in a medium that contains a solution of specially formulated nutrients. The fact that the plants are grown in a solution of nutrients rather than in soil ensures that they get everything they need in order to be completely healthy.

Hydroponic Fertilizers – Buy the Right Ones to Ensure Your Plants Are Healthy

Hydroponics refers to the process whereby plants are grown without the aid of soil. Plants are instead grown in containers filled with water into which special hydroponic fertilizers are added in order to give the plants the nutrition they need in order to grow properly. This is a very efficient way of growing plants and increasing numbers of people are taking to it as a means of making the most of the limited space available to grow plants in.

Plants: Good, Weeds: Bad

Any gardener will tell you that weeds are a persistent nuisance. When you are trying to make your flowerbeds or garden patches as hospitable as possible for your plants, weeds will also take advantage of this. That means that every time you’re watering, fertilizing, or aerating your lawn or garden weeds benefit.

How Does Your Garden Glow?

For many people, gardening is a way of life. Gardening can be a therapeutic way to relax and spend time with your family and decorating your garden can certainly make nature take notice.

10 Should Do’s and Shouldn’t Do’s in Fall Gardening

The breeze is getting colder. Fall is at hand. Many of us just stock and clean our gardening materials for the next spring. But do you know it is still good for garden planters to make their green thumb work for this autumn season? All you need to do is follow these do’s and don’ts if you are planning to have a fall garden.

Biodynamic Moon Planting Calendar

One of the most important parts of biodynamic gardening is using a planting calendar that is in conjunction with an astrological chart and the phases of the moon. This “technology” is as old as the sun, the moon and the stars.

Colorful Tropical Foliage Plants – Croton Plants And Caladium Plants

Colorful tropical foliage plants, Croton plants and Caladium plants, look great when grown in pots and grouped together with other tropical plants, including dwarf bananas, bromeliads, gingers, gardenias, small heliconias, hibiscus, jasmine, orchids or plumeria plants. Croton and Caladium plants are easy to grow tropical foliage plants which provide your indoor and outdoor garden with lots of color.

Choosing The Right Watering Hoses For Your Garden

Choosing a garden hose has been a problem in the past because people aren’t really sure what type, size, and length they’ll need. The most important piece of information to remember is having the right type and size for the right job is vital. This article will help you understand the differences in garden hoses and how one could possibly be better than another. All garden hoses are not created equal and depending on the type of work it will be used for, it will be important to find one that is versatile, functional, and will last a long time.

5 House Plant Gardening Tips You Will Enjoy

When caring for your house plants, you don’t want to have to worry all the time about how they are doing, do they have enough water, or whether you did everything you could to ensure they have everything they need. In this article you will discover a few tips you can use to ensure your house plants are well taken care of in a way that will allow them to grow like nothing you’ve ever seen. So without delay, let’s take a look at some of the tips you’ll surely want to consider.

Gardening: Start in a Gentle Easy Way – Enjoy Living With Plants in Your Home

Growing a plant in the home or in a flower bed. Has a longing to try growing decorative plants just woken up? Here are some simple ways to begin and to enjoy the experience.

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