Enjoying Perennial Salvia Plants in your Garden

Container Vegetable Gardening: Tips for Successful Gardening in Limited Space

There are many reasons to use vegetable gardening planters, also known as container gardening. Perhaps you live in an apartment or condominium. Or maybe you rent a house where your landlord will not allow you to have a garden. Whatever the reason may be, you can still grow a substantial amount of food in containers.

Essential Gardening Gear For All Seasons

Gardening can be one of the most rewarding activities on earth. You spend time outdoors, you play in the dirt and when you’re done you have something beautiful to show off to the world. Why not invest in quality gardening gear that keeps you comfortable throughout the seasons?

Tips for a Better Green Garden

When it comes to green living, green gardening is the latest thing these days. A garden is usually the best place to seek refuge from the hustle and bustle of the city. Tending and nurturing plants is one way of relaxing and removing stress. A green garden also provides fruits, herbs and vegetables fit for your consumption. Here are some tips in building a green garden.

Do You Want to Learn Some Tips on Having a Beautiful Spring Garden?

Spring is considered the busiest season for gardeners. At this time of the year, plants are waking up from the confines of the passing winter, a large amount of mulch needs to be removed and cleaning up has to be done. From broken tree limbs, layers of mulch to overgrown shrubs – all of these need attention before starting on your spring garden.

Have You Ever Enjoyed the Spring Season by Having an Awesome Spring Garden?

Spring is a good time for renovating your home inside-out. Your garden is the best place to start on it. Spring is the perfect time to sow seeds and make weeding a priority. But don’t get all too excited by starting planting on it right away. There are a few things for you to do. First and foremost, the garden needs to be prepared before you can start on working or planting. Properly prepared spring gardens guarantees full bloom flowers and plants all year long.

A Lush Spring Garden to Start Your Season

Spring is often associated with colorful plants, flowers in full bloom and trees ready for harvesting. The best way to start the spring garden ready for the season is by filling it with cool season flowers and vegetables. A couple of these plants may be sowed earlier before the chill of winter pass. Others may need coddling, but spring is the time when they are in full bloom. Wait too long to plant them and you’ll miss out on all the fun.

Must Haves in Your Spring Garden

Are you a garden lover? If you are, then go get your gardening tools and get moving! Spring is fast approaching and it is time again to be in that gardening mode you like. Surely enough, your to-do list and to-buy list are prepared. Plants naturally need pruning, feeding and weeding even on a cloudy day.

Have You Ever Tried Growing Plants for Your Winter Garden?

The approaching winter season must not stop you from going out and tending to their gardens. Just because the temperature drops down, your yard does not have to look dull and lifeless. Don’t let the cold months affect how you manage your winter garden.

Food Prices Eating You Up?

Will you be prepared for the days when your grocery bill has skyrocketed to the point that you cannot afford healthy well balanced meals for your family? This may occur sooner than we think or want!

6 Crucial Steps to Acquiring a Green Garden Without a Sweat

Gardens, like anything else, have a series of steps to complete. Even building a small green garden on your own requires preparation, perseverance and of course knowledge. There are a couple of simple steps you might follow.

Community Gardens Aid in Building Strong Communities

Gardening is one of those activities that is great for a person with a green thumb and those who want a fun and exciting hobby to pass the time; but that doesn’t mean you have to toil away alone at it. Gardening is a great way to meet new people and create a fantastic way to spend time and see positive results.

How About a Green Garden for a Change?

Are you tired of being confined inside your home? Do you want to see something alive and colorful? How about having your own green garden outside your house and enjoy breathing fresh air? Imagine how relaxing it is to see great view just outside your doors. The image of you in your garden, relishing the comfort brought about by colorful plants, strategically placed and planted here and there.

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