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Bonsai Tree Care and Maintenance

Maintaining and caring for a bonsai tree may seem almost impossible at first, but that is simply not true if you take some time to research the plant you have. Some important features to consider for bonsai care are location, watering, feeding, repotting, and pruning.

Information About Growing Grapes At Home

Grapevines could be ornamental and they also provide shade, so it is a good idea to consider growing grapes at home. It can be used as a screening plant when you plant it on a trellis. Grapes are ideal for cooking or to make jams at home.

Training Bonsai

One of the most rewarding hands-on hobbies I have found would have to be training bonsai. Learning the ancient art of transforming trees over many years to resemble something hundreds of years old is a combination of understanding horticulture, art and having a healthy respect for Mother Nature’s own magic. A well trained bonsai should inspire the viewer to imagine being able set a blanket out and have a picnic underneath it.

Hydro Growing – A Means to Grow Organic Food

This article goes into details about the steps that need to be taken in order to turn a hydro growing practice into an organic one. Hydro growing opens a world of possibility when it comes to growing your own food. By opting for an organic nutrient solution, growing medium, and pest control method you give yourself the opportunity to grow fruit and vegetables that are nutrient-rich and free of harmful chemicals and poisons. This article gives tips and ideas on how this can be achieved.

Inline Fan Grow, Your Best Indoor Garden Ventilation

Achieving full potential of big harvest is what every gardener dreams of. For the first time, you should be able to supply fresh air as basic element for your plants. Fresh air will help plants reach its full potential growth. Rewarding harvest will not be such a dream anymore.

Know How to Grow Grapes

Grape growing can be a very satisfying hobby. All you need to grow grapes is an area in your back yard that well drained and not so rich in nutrients. The grape seems to do better in poor soil. When planting the vines in a rich soil…

Simple Bonsai Instructions

Most people want to be able to look at their bonsai or display it in their home like most other art forms. Keeping them inside for too long is detrimental to their health and can lead to dieback of branches and even death of the tree completely.

Orchids Love Growing Lights

Information on correct sunlight and shade for orchids. Includes positioning, the use of growing-lights and the “types” of orchid in relation to sun and shade.

Learn How to Bonsai – Take a Bonsai Course

Spring is here, everything is starting to burst with colour and new growth and it is a perfect time to learn how to bonsai by taking a bonsai course. The ancient art of bonsai has been around for over 1000 years and has captured the imagination of enthusiasts of all ages, all over the world. Bonsai, although was thought to have originated in China, Japanese style bonsai seems to be what most people recognise when they think of miniature trees.

Growing Tomatoes – How to Pick Which Type of Tomato to Grow

Choosing a type and variety of tomato will depend on several things although top of the list is probably flavour. But thought also needs to be given to location of the plant, height and size of the plant, colour and size required of the tomato. There are so many different varieties, it’s nice to have such a choice but sometimes this can end up a little daunting!

Pointers on Harvesting the Home Herb Garden

The ideal time to harvest the plants for retaining the highest level of flavor is just before the plants flower. Cut off the herbs early in the morning just after the dew has dried. Cut annuals off at ground level, and perennials about one-third down the main stem, including the side branches.

Cattleya Orchid Information

Many Cattleya orchids are available that can easily be grown in your home or office. They can bring not only beauty but also a pleasant fragrance when flowering. Armed with a little information any one can routinely care for and grow most orchids and Cattleya’s can be quite rewarding. If you are thinking about growing an orchid for the first time, I recommend trying a Cattleya.

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