Expanded Clay Pellets (Hydroton) Growing Guide

Coffee Grounds Perk Up Compost

Do you drink a cup of coffee every morning or a pot of coffee throughout the day? Either way, if you are throwing away those used coffee grounds, you are missing out on all the wonderful benefits coffee grounds can provide for your compost pile and your garden.

What the Amish Style of Growing Can Teach You About Growing Your Own Food

The Amish do not use modern growing technology, but you should. The article talks how the Amish cannot control their environment while people who use modern growing technology can control the environment their plants grow inside of daily.

What Spock Would Say About Indoor Growing Techniques

It is only logical to learn how to grow and produce a person’s own food supply. You can control what goes into the plants and you can, theoretically, decide when you want to harvest the product for your own use through careful planning.

Benefits of Having a Landscape Gardener and Tree Surgeon

There is an endless benefit to hire landscape gardeners and tree surgeons. It can make solid and boring areas pleasing to the eyes. It can transform ordinary home into magnificent ones.

Vermicomposting 101 – How to Make a Worm Bed

If you are reading this, you probably already know that vermicomposting is the process of using worms to decompose organic waste. You can use worms in small or large composting projects to support a sustainable lifestyle. Worms need a little more attention than a traditional compost project, but the rewards are well the effort. In this article we will cover the different aspects of creating a worm bed so your soil superheroes can get to work digesting your kitchen and garden waste.

The Joys of Composting Eggshells

Composting eggshells is one of those little things I do that makes me feel really good. It is a little more work than composting the rest of my kitchen waste. Maybe that is why it brings me so much joy. Or maybe it is watching the sheer glee on my six year old son’s face as he grinds up the shells into unrecognizable white chips!

How to Fix Standing Water in Your Garden

Are you having trouble with water just pooling in your garden? Need some ideas how to make it go away? Some ideas within this article that will help you.

Creating an Edible Hedge

If you are already growing a hedge to cover up a wall or block your neighbour out, why not make it something useful? Or even edible? You will find the know how within this article.

Tips to Controlling Fungus Gnats in Your Garden

Fungus gnats are a common pest of indoor plants, especially where the levels of moisture and humidity are quite high. They are often first noticed when flying, harmless adult gnats are seen around plants or at a nearby window. These flying gnats are not harmful to plants or to humans, but they would become a nuisance. However, it is the larvae of these flying insects that are in the soil and feed on the roots of plants which could result in serious damage to plants.They thrive in wet, rich soils and consume fungi, root hairs, and other organic materials from the soil.

Random Tips for a Great and Greener Garden

The garden is one of the most relaxing parts outside of the house. It is where you can have short moments with nature. But do you know that a great and greener garden can also contribute a lot towards the overall appeal of your house.

New Planting Season Begins in September

The summer gardening season is nearly over in Southern California so it is time to start planting cool weather vegetables and flowers that don’t mind lower temperatures. Out With The Old, In With The New: Most summer vegetable plants have run their course. It is time to cull those that are no longer producing and add new vegetables that do well in cooler weather.

What Is The Secret Behind Aquaponics?

In the past we never used the words organic vegetables or ancient grains but now since food has been altered by genetically modified organism (GMO) techniques, organic food is on everybody’s lips. How many times have you wished you could grow your own organic vegetables without the use of chemicals or preservatives?

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