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Making Oils From Herbs For Cooking and Salads – Tips on Herbs

What you get from this short article is a way of using herbs you have grown or bought to make into a beautiful dressing for salads and cooking using herbs seasoned in olive oil. Herb oils can be used to add flavour to cooked dishes. Use a large bunch of herb leaves…

Garden Mulching – Types of Mulch

Mulch is one of the best and most beneficial soil amendments that you can use in your garden. It is a protective layer that you spread on top of the soil around your plants to cover it.

Tips For Orchid Flowering

What makes a flowering orchid so special? A flowering orchid is a spectacle that provides the grower with a sense of fulfillment and helps to make the plant beautiful. This article will provide you some information about the flowering orchid with the Cymbidium as an example.

Home Vegetable Gardening – Compost Tea

Compost tea is a liquid solution that many gardeners, both vegetable and flower, use to aid in preventing disease and stimulating plant growth. If you were thinking about using compost tea, here are some more reasons why.

Fresh Herb Gardening – How to Retain the Freshness and Aroma All Year Long

Fresh Farmer’s Markets are gaining a lot of popularity compared to Supermarkets for the simple reason that people want fresh vegetables and herbs. Fresh herbs are the wonders of culinary and medicinal plant kingdom because they are fresh, pungent and the minerals, nutrients are all intact. You don’t need a big back-yard to keep a constant supply of fresh herbs all year long. A sunny location in your balcony, staircase, deck or a patio is good enough for the tasty and easy to grow herbs. Once you have an abundant yield, you might want to store the fresh aromatic herbs from the harvest and enjoy it in the summer or throughout the year.

Growing Tomatoes – It’s All in the Soil

Growing tomatoes doesn’t have to be difficult. Getting the soil right is a major factor in doubling your tomatoes and getting good organic tomatoes.

Xeriscaping is Green

I live in a desert region so when figuring out what to do with the landscaping at our new house one of the first things we thought of was xeriscaping. Xeriscaping is landscaping in such a way to avoid the use of unnecessary amounts of water.

Gardening Tools and Tips

There can be nothing more therapeutic than working outside. Here are some suggestions for getting the most out of the time spent in your outdoor garden…

Gardening With Joy and Anticipation

Gardening can be a great outlet for your family. Couples that work together can enjoy while anticipating beautiful results in their landscape projects.

Here’s Why Herbs Just Love Growing in Pots

You can start growing herbs in pots at anytime, as opposed to planting them in a garden, or worse yet, continuing to buy them at the supermarket. These herb plants can be grown in a pot and placed on a windowsill, outside a home in a yard or garden area, or in hanging baskets.

The Gardening Tools That Make Gardening Light and Easy

Gardening is just an easy and fun activity. But, before you can start planting your gardening, knowing all the necessary equipment and tools is an important piece to achieving the successful and bountiful garden.

Herb Garden Info

Herbs have long been sought for their many uses. If you do a little researching, you’ll find information on culinary, medicinal, cosmetic, aesthetic, and even aromatic garden herbs.

Heirloom Tomatoes – Review of 7 Different Heirloom Tomato Varieties

I have planted 7 different heirloom tomato varieties. These are the results of how each tomato variety grew and produced for me.

Pruning Rose Bushes & The Things You Should Know

Pruning rose bushes is one of the major regular activities associated with growing them. Pruning roses removes excess leaf surface and allows you to direct the growth of the plant in the way you wish. Pruning your rose bushes can also be a way to remove any diseased, dead or damaged wood from the plant.

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