Fabulous, Deer-Resistant Color for the Landscape

How To Take Care Of The Zelkova Bonsai

The basics on how to take good care of the Zelkova bonsai. It’s characteristics, what’s the best soil, the perfect light to use, watering the bonsai and much more.

Food4Wealth Review – The Pros And Cons Of Food4Wealth By Jonathan White

Food4Wealth is a new and very popular guide that supposed to teach you how to grow healthy and organic food in a very easy way. In this Food4Wealth review we will take a look at the pros and cons of this guide and see if this product is really for you or not.

Miltonia Orchid Or Miltoniopsis, Are They the Same?

Most people do think that Miltonia orchid and Miltoniopsis orchid is the same flower, while they are not. If somebody refers an orchid as a pansy orchid, the orchid must be a miltoniopsis orchid which indeed looks like a pansy garden flower. While the Miltonia orchid does not look like a pansy flower at all.

Planting Potatoes and Mulching

Potatoes are uncomplicated to grow from cuttings, but the harvest produced from a cutting is lesser than from a tuber. In some areas where the summer is somewhat longer or if a large number of plants are required (as in the case of potato breeding) cuttings can be used as a way to speed up the process. Ample spacing of seed potatoes, between 30 to 50 cm apart within rows and 50 to 60 cm between rows will allow for good quality air flow around the plants and for ease of weeding, harvesting and insect control if needed….

House Plant Care

More house plants are killed with kindness, rather than neglect. There are certain times of the year when plants need little water, and other times when they need a lot. House plant care is really only common sense, but following these simple rules will reward you with happy, healthy, plants.

Seven Tips in Caring for Orchids

This article contains seven simple tips in caring for your orchids. These tips will be helpful in maintaining healthy and blooming orchids.

Orchid Fertilizer – Nutrients for Healthy Orchids

Orchid fertilizer is a must have for anyone who is growing orchids. This is one way to guarantee your plant produces the stunning flowers it is known for. Orchids require fertilizer to continue to bloom.

More Orchid Information

Orchid popularity has increased significantly. There was a time that orchid have been reserved for the rich who could afford a greenhouse and a gardener to look after the plants. What made it so popular orchids, besides the fact that they produce beautiful flowers is that orchid information has become so widely available.

Artificial Bamboo Trees and More

There is no need for watering, fertilizing, time, and energy with these bamboo trees. Artificial bamboo trees comes in different sizes and color.

How Plants Grow

Understanding how plants grow can cut out a lot of trial and error. Pruning becomes a lot easier when you know why you should cut a shoot off in one place rather than another. In order to carry out their activities for continued healthy growth, plants make certain demands upon their surroundings. Learning what they need and when, is the art of a successful gardener.

Worm Farming for Beginners

Worms are the gardener’s friend. They aerate and mix the soil and convert organic material into nutritious food for your plants. Keeping worms is simple.

The 3-Minute Guide To Water Gardening

If you have been into gardening, you are likely to have heard of water gardening. Water gardens usually comes in the form of a pond or a waterfall and will include fish and aqua plants all of which will normally be enhanced by rocks and stones. One of the primary difficulties in water gardening is maintaining the water system stays clear and free of algae.

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