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Start Your Own Tea Herb Garden With Chamomile

Chamomile tea has long been used to treat stomach upsets, insomnia, and nervous conditions. There are two varieties of chamomile. German chamomile is generally believed to make the tastiest tea, although Roman chamomile can be used for tea as well.

Can a Mittleider Garden Be an Organic Garden?

Many have referred to the Mittleider Method as “better than organic” – and even “the best of organic” because most of our gardens can qualify as organic (once in a while growers in hot countries have to use pesticides or lose their whole crop). Because we leave nothing to chance, but apply small amounts of natural mineral nutrients, all of which are approved by the USDA for use in a Certified Organic garden, to assure fast, healthy growth. This also helps our plants ward off pests and diseases that will often destroy less healthy plants.

What is Green Gardening?

It is very important, more so than ever these days, that we do what we can to keep the environment as eco-friendly as possible. One way to help us do this is by green gardening. When you green garden, you recycle all the material you can in order to fertilize your garden. This is a great way to help the environment and also to garden as well.

Winter Gardening Ideas

Are you a hard core fan of gardening? If so, you most likely garden year round and even garden in the winter as well. If you do garden in the winter, you will want to make certain you have some of the best winter gardening ideas to make your gardening as fun as it can be. When you take the time to learn a few tips, it can really help all you gardening plans.

Indoor Herb Gardening

Are you looking for a way to have an indoor herb garden? This is entirely possible when you educate yourself on how to have the best herb garden inside. We all love to have certain herbs around, and what better way is there other than to have some in your house? This is a great idea to spruce up your herb rack from the comfort of your home.

Tips For Fall Planting

Do you just love the fall planting? Many of us do because of the lovely colors of the plants and the enjoyable temperatures after a long hot summer. It is a great idea to get some tips on fall planting if you want to enjoy the best fall plants you have.

What is Container Gardening?

Many of us like to garden, but just don’t have the time to invest in a huge garden or the desire to do so in many cases as well. So, what else is possible to do when you just what enough vegetables to feed a small family without breaking your back? We all know gardening can be hard work and one great way to eliminate a lot of that work is to have a container garden.

Hydroponic Watering Systems Have Several Advantages

Many indoor gardeners have utilized hydroponic methods with great success. By growing exclusively in water that is filled with nutrients specifically optimized for them growth can be maximized.

Vegetable Gardening Can Bring Families Closer Together

I was brought up in the south in a rural area and most people had vegetable gardens. I can remember my family always had a garden each year, no matter what. I think this is because my mom loved it so much. However it was very beneficial to our whole family.

Growing Your Own Vegetables Can Be Fun

I remember as a kid growing up we had a pretty big garden, about 1/8th or so of an acre. It seemed huge to a little kid, I can remember my mom and dad planting some of it with a tractor and a big plow behind it.

Having a Fall Garden Can Be Fun

Where we live in Texas, the climate is such that a fall garden is actually sometimes more preferable to a regular spring or summer garden. There are various advantages to having fall gardens.

Tomato Hornworm – Know the Pest

You have put a lot of effort and care into growing your tomatoes the best you could. Then the problem appeared – something seems to eat your plants, but you don’t see any culprit. It is possible that your plot was attacked by tomato hornworms. Here I explain what they are and how they look like.

Sustainable Gardening – Is Crop Rotation Necessary?

Many people wonder if crop rotation is necessary? With the Mittldier method we put the necessary nutrients right into the soil.

Rose Propagation Through Cuttings

Hybrid teas, with their beautifully formed buds and the elegant, lasting color of their petals, are the most suitable roses for displaying in a vase. Always cut roses in the early morning, when they’re covered in dew; they’ll have absorbed plenty of water from the soil, and this is when they’ll be at their best. Put them in water as soon as possible.

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