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Gardening Basics – Amazing Annuals

You may already know what annuals are without realizing it! They are the flowers, arrayed in flats and pots, for sale every spring down at the garden center — everything from geraniums to impatiens to marigolds. You bring them home and plunk ’em in the ground, and they get right to work, delivering pretty much continuous color all summer long.

What is it With Gardening and Plant Names?

Gardening is a blend of horticulture and botany and because of this the names can get very confusing. Whether you’re looking at plant anatomy or simply want to know what to call a plant, understanding a bit about naming conventions can help you wade through the aisles, ask better questions, and treat your plants right.

My Animal Proof Vegetable Garden

Trying to grow a vegetable garden in an area populated by marauding animals can be an exercise in frustration, with most of your efforts ruined by these hungry creatures. The simple but not easy solution is to build a structure that keeps them out.

Indian Medicinal Herbs

The Ayurvedic Medicine practitioners of India have long used medicinal herbs to heal their patients. While originally the only medicine available in historic times, many of these Indian medicinal herbs are still used today. Those that use them prefer natural over pharmaceutical medications because they tend to have fewer side effects.

Replace Sunlight With Indoor Plant Lighting

Light is an integral part of our daily life but the significance of light is not restricted to the human beings only. However it is the most important factor for a plant to grow and survive. The plant uses light to photosynthesize or produce food for it’s survival. We should always keep in mind the light intensity and duration of sustaining light when it is a time to implant something.

Cheap Greenhouse Operations – Cutting Prices by Lowering Temperatures

When looking for data on your plants you are looking for the optimum temperature that your plant requires. This is the temperature where your plant grows best, and as you cut back the temperature the plant’s growth can slow, till it reaches a point where it will actually stop. At the same time as you raise the temperature the growth of the plant speeds up until a point where once more it will stop growing.

Installing Artificial Lawn

Real lawn is not for everyone. Sometimes, it is a personal preference and other times, it is simply not practical to own real lawn because of the maintenance involved. As such, artificial lawn is widely available to cater to these people. However, you’ll still need to consider whether to hire a professional or install the artificial lawn yourself. The purpose of this article is to address the decision making process.

How to Make Compost

If you have a garden or are thinking of starting a garden, you will need to consider what type of plant food or fertilizer you want to use. If you are in the “going green” mode, your first choice should be compost which is healthy for your garden and ecologically friendly.

Why Fake Orchids Are a Better Choice Than Real Orchids

There is no doubt that orchids are one of the most beautiful flowers on earth. Even though you are not interested in flowers, you can probably see the beauty in an orchid. But orchids are also one of the most difficult blooms to take care of. That is the reason why silk orchids are getting very popular these days. Artificial orchids can be used for many different occasions. The can decorate your home; either in a pot or in a vase. Or they can embellish a wedding. Orchids are great no matter if they are in a bouquet or used separately as a single stem. No matter how you use fake orchids, they will be a beautiful kind of decoration.

How to Care For Tomato Plants

Most people just love tomatoes because they can add so much to any meal. You can put them on a burger or sandwich and they can really spruce up the flavor. This is a great type of produce that adds to any meal and also provides a huge amount of nutrition in the process.

Plants That Are Easy to Maintain

How many times have we all seen some gorgeous plants and feel we can grow those easily? Many times we have been able to see a nice plants but may or may not realize they are a little too much for us to grow. This is why it is so important to try and find plants we can grow and are easy maintain.

Gardening During the Rainy Season

Most people just love the beautiful colors of fall because they add so much to our lawn. Fall is a time of year when everything is changing and it’s a great idea to take the chance to plant some of the lovely plants in your lawn or garden.

Greenhouses Are the Answer For Hobby Gardening

Greenhouses are all the rage today, but they don’t fit in everyone’s budget. Perhaps full-fledged greenhouses are simply not the answer for some people. Money may not be the only criterion – space constraints could be the reason, too.

How to Fertilize Trees in Your Herb Garden

With plant food – as with people food – moderation is the key. Fruit trees need nitrogen to bear good crops, but too much nitrogen makes them grow too many leaves at the expense of flowers and fruit. Fish emulsion is an excellent source of nitrogen for fruit trees.

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