Farming in 3,200 Milk Crates For a High-End Restaurant in Manhattan

Boxwoods Provide the Perfect Understated Structure in the Garden

Boxwoods are wonderful broadleaf evergreen shade shrubs that define the garden space. No, they are not the sexy, showy plants that get a lot of attention. But they provide the structure, and dare I say the formality, of a garden throughout the year.

Herb Growing Information And Secrets

Have you ever wandered what the difference is between spices and herbs? Spices are flavorings and herbs are leaves of plants. Cinnamon comes from the bark of a tree and ginger comes from a root.

Orchid Longevity Secrets Revealed

Orchids are considered one of the oldest living species of plants in the world. They have been around since the time of dinosaurs and can virtually be found anywhere on earth. In fact they are considered one of the most successful plant groups in the world. And the secret to this success has been found!

10 Top Garden Accessories

Are you looking for a way to draw interest to your garden? Are you ready to make your garden the one that everyone notices in your neighborhood? While you are planning your garden or just looking to freshen things up, give some thought to garden accessories.

Size Matters, With These Hostas Anyway

Even non-gardeners seem to know about hostas – the ever-present shade perennial that is found near most homes – at least in the Midwest! But in committing myself to shade gardening earlier this year, I wanted to make a statement with them. I wanted hostas that couldn’t be ignored.

Causes of Fish Kill In Lakes

There is nothing more heart-breaking for a gardener or grounds-person than discovering a fish kill in lakes. Such a sudden and mass extinction of aquatic life can take many years to recover from.

How To’s Of Organic Bug Control

There are several methods of organic pest control. Companion plantings, introducing “good” bugs to combat the bad ones, and using organic pesticides. This article briefly covers these alternatives to help you decide which will work best for you. Perhaps a combination of all three.

How to Grow Plants in the Shade

This article talks about gardening in the shade which can be very frustrating because it is hard to find suitable plants. Many plant labels say will tolerate shade and the plant dies. This article lists plants that are available and will thrive in shady conditions.

When to Plant Tomato Seeds Indoors

This article on when to plant tomato seeds indoors will show you how you can successfully start your own tomato plants and have them ready to transplant outdoors in your backyard garden or in containers on your balcony in time for the spring growing season. If you follow the important points laid out here prior to buying your seeds you will surely be rewarded with an amazing crop of delicious, healthy, tomatoes. These key points will start you on the right track with your tomato growing experience.

Four Methods to Control Aphids

Aphids will work over a plant, reproducing at a great rate and when the plant they are feeding on becomes over populated they will develop wings and move on to another plant. As you can see if you do not tackle the problem immediately you can get over run with aphids fairly quickly. Here are four methods you can start implementing right away with any aphid issues you may have.

How To Create Your Own Eco-Friendly Garden

You may be asking yourself the question: “Why do I need an eco-friendly garden?” An eco-friendly garden employs a few simple solutions to make a real impact on our individual carbon footprint. Here are 5 relatively simple home solutions you can put in place right now to help improve the environment today.

Main Features of PVC Greenhouse Plans

Polyvinyl chloride is a cheap and good material for the construction of pipes, greenhouse shades and sewerage lines etc. Polyvinyl chloride is a chemically resistant material. So chemicals can’t damage the polyvinyl chloride material easily.

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