Favorite Colors Work Together in a Container full of Annual Plants!

What Tomatoes Want – Growing Your Own

Tomatoes are a New World crop that Spanish Conquistadors spread to the rest of the world in the 1500’s. At first regarded as a novelty and later as an aphrodisiac, today it is virtually impossible to imagine Italian cuisine without tomatoes.

Hydroponics Grow Boxes Review

I lived in Alaska where we have a very harsh climates. We have irregular day and night patterns as well as extreme temperatures, which makes it almost impossible to grow outdoors. Since I do not live in Anchorage or any other major city, I am forced to grow my own food. Of course there has traditionally been really no way to do that until I found out about the Homegrown Hydroponics Economy Grow Box.

Hydroponics Makes it Possible in the Cold

Hydroponics makes it possible to grow in harsh climates Hydroponics is extremely valuable to the world because it allows you to grow in any temperature or any climate that you wish. A lot of you that live in moderate climates do not realize the full value of hydroponic systems. Often hydroponic systems are given a bad name because the media associated hydroponics with illegal plants; but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Hydroponics has been around for quite some time now and…

Organic Herb Gardening – The Three Essential Requirements For Success

To have a successful organic herb garden there are three essential things that requires the gardener’s close attention. Most gardeners are not fully aware of the implications of their actions, albeit sincere, if they do not take the time to educate themselves on these three essentials of organic gardening.

A Peek Into Home Herb Garden and Selection of Herbs

Herb gardens and the usage of herbs in beverages has been well documented to times as far back as Egyptian civilization. It is a well known fact that Egyptian civilization was well aware of the usage of herbs for curative purposes. Traces of herbs were detected from wine in the tomb of one of Egypt’s first rulers. Our ancestors were shrewd and known to utilize the many faceted benefits from herbs.

Grape Vine Spacing and Row Direction Basics

Local advice should always be pursued especially if you are building a large farm. Every grape grower will tell you this. This article discusses what you must know before planting grape vines.

Growing Herbs in Pots – What You Need to Know About Plant Creepers

As you’re growing herbs in pots, you may have seen some of those plant creepers that have formed in some of your plants’ main bodies, and these have tried to grow from their pots or places in your garden. You should know that these plant creepers are a part of the reproductive cycle of your plants, and this are things that will enable them to create new and independent plants.

Five Steps Orchid Growers Can Use For Taking Care of Orchids

Orchids don’t just have three or four varieties; there are tons of different kinds that occur naturally. This does not include the hybrid versions that were created by horticulturalists. Orchid species outnumber mammals by at least four times.

Indoor Herb Garden – What a Great Idea

Wouldn’t it be grand to have an indoor herb garden at your disposal? Just think what you could do with all of those herbs! You could make tastier meals, improve your health and performance, and maybe even commune with nature in your own home. What are some ways to go about creating an indoor herb garden?

How to Plant a Profitable Garden

Starting a backyard plant nursery can be a wonderful way to turn your love of plants and gardening into cash. With a very small investment, you can grow a steady income!

Learn the Basics of Hydroponics Gardening

Have you ever wondered how hydroponics works? This beginners guide will teach the history, the different types of growing mediums & systems, how to test the pH levels, and more gardening tips.

Spring Borders in the Garden

This is one of the most exciting times of year in the bulb garden, and it is rewarding to admire what has been planted the previous autumn, especially if some new designs have been introduced. For example, one or more strongly colored tulips, such as deep purple, and beetroot, will allow you to develop eye catching schemes with forget me not, double daisy, pansies and wallflower in rich shades of deep blue, orange, gold, red, black and purple.

Learn How to Build Your Own Aeroponic Systems

Commercial grade aeroponics systems are very expensive, therefor many people choose an alternative route and build their own growing system. This is guide will tell you the basics and point you in the direction to growing like a pro.

Home Vegetable Gardening – Tips For Growing Eggplant

The most popular variety of eggplant that people will recognize immediately is the black beauty. It is that dark purple colored eggplant that is about ten to twelve inches long and an oblong shape. However there are more than a dozen varieties available.

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